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Frame decoration: do-it-yourself magic turning secrets (50 photos)

Spectacular and unusual photo frames are not cheap, and everyone wants to decorate the home with a noticeable decorative element. Considering that such elements serve as a kind of container for memorable photo cards, I want them to look truly worthy.

At least once in their life, each person would think about decorating the photo frame with his own hand. The standard thing to transform into a creative decor with the author's design is quite simple.

Sea motives

The simplest frame decor is pasting with the help of scrap materials. Marine themes are always popular. Many, returning from the resort, bring seashells to mind. With their help, you can quickly and effectively decorate the frame.

In fact, any small souvenirs that gather dust somewhere in the far box are conveniently used to create a spectacular installation. As a raw material for decorating a wooden frame, shells, fish figures and other marine life, marine-style bows, striped cloth scraps, pearls and even plain sand can be useful.

Golden nuts

If the farm has an inconspicuous photo frame lying around, it can be surprisingly transformed using walnuts and golden paint in a spray.

On paper lay out the future decor and generously sprayed from the bottle. As soon as the golden decoration dries, the shells are carefully glued to the surface of the photo frame. If in the course of work gaps remain on the surface of the decorated canvas, they can be masked by a scattering of beads of the same golden shade.

Eco-style for aesthetes

Eco trends are incredibly popular now. To transform the surface of the old framework, you need the simplest available material:

  1. Eggshell;
  2. The branches of trees (the smallest);
  3. Dry leaves of bright colors;
  4. Seeds.

The shell is broken into small pieces. Branches of trees painted white. The surface of the photo frame is covered with good glue and the eggshell fragments are carefully attached. White branches additionally attached at the edges of the frame.

Given the aesthetics and style of such a frame, it can be used not only for photographs. Ideas to promote an extravagant eco-culture mass.

For example, in the center you can place a large unusual shell, create an installation of natural minerals. The floral arrangement, minimalist herbarium or even dried beetles, butterflies and other living creatures look impressive in such a frame.

Aromas of comfort

Continuing the theme of simple pasting of the frame, the elements of decor can be chosen completely unexpected. You can get inspired by new creative experiments and realize your most crazy ideas and fantasies in the most ordinary place - in the kitchen.

For example, beautiful stars of anise can become a luxurious decorative material. The surface is covered with a thick layer of glue, carefully attaching one star after another. The gaps between the anise elements can be carefully masked with other elements. For example, using poppy seeds.

A little harder to work with cinnamon sticks. They should also be placed on a wooden canvas. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the work does not always turn out neat.

Vintage charm

Stylistics "vintage" touching and cozy. Ideas to create a spectacular decor for a photo do-it-yourself visit romantic people who want to bring a little more heat into the house.

In order to create a decent vintage composition, you can safely use the following attributes:

  • Lace;
  • Tapes;
  • Flowers;
  • Beads;
  • Pearls;
  • Beads;
  • Transparent or dense textiles;
  • Embroidery;
  • Buttons;
  • Ruches and bows.

The number and ratio of elements must be selected carefully, so as not to turn the touching decor into bad taste. The canvas can be pasted over with a chintz or knit fabric. A distinctive print with flowers, spring colors, green motifs is welcomed.

Another good idea is to cover the canvas with purple paint and paste over with lace. Beads and beautiful buttons are placed in a chaotic manner over the lace fabric.

Charismatic denim

Decorating the framework and other household attributes does not take much time and does not require investment. For example, you can successfully use for this old unwanted jeans.

Jeans cut into pieces. The wooden surface of the frame is pasted over with shreds. Along the edges you can attach a twine. It is not necessary to use the same fabric. Looks great combination of denim with leather elements.

If pieces of unwanted leather or leatherette are lying around in the house, blanks are cut out of the canvas that will allow you to create an interesting application. For a particularly spectacular frame, you can even create flower arrangements from leather shreds by attaching them to the base of the frame.

Sealing wax: a new life of simple material

An amazing decorative element can be made from post wax. Pick up the material of different colors and stamp.

The wax is melted to a semi-liquid state, but not to a boil. Then make a few prints on the frame. The composition will be incomplete without packaging twine, which is better to tie a bow or even give a flower shape.

Photoframe "heart"

Romantic ideas for decoration suggest using interesting accessories, bright colors and corresponding symbols. Frame "heart" will undoubtedly attract the eyes of others.

On the background paper, you must draw a heart and cut it. Then you should attach the blank to the face paper and circle around 1 centimeter more. Now cut the final blank again.

On thick paper, we outline a small heart and cut a window for the future photo. All blanks are fastened to the frame, trying to arrange the elements as organically as possible. A variety of decorations can be stuck on top of the paper frame:

  • Lace;
  • Bandage;
  • Paper flowers and bows;
  • Pearls;
  • Buttons.

Silver or gold plating will help to give a special texture and "rich" gloss. The main thing - do not overdo it with decorations.

Spring on the shelf

Many hand-made fans love not only decorating interior elements or creating design installations with their own hands, but also making so-called blanks of various types. For example, paper flowers.

The very process of forming a paper rose or other floristic product calms, adjusts to the peace-loving way. And if a large number of such elements have accumulated in the house, they can be used for frame decoration. Paper elements are simply attached to the frame. In addition to flowers, you can use real dry leaves, dyed tree branches, textile bows or pearls.

Stylish and exclusive photo frames will take their place of honor in the house, radiating joy, positive and special charm. The time spent on decorating the subject, will relax and dive into the fascinating world of creativity.