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Grass in the interior: an evergreen summer (27 photos)

A fresh word in the design of residential and office space - the use of bright green plants for the placement of color accents and create comfort. Laconic hi-tech, brutal loft and romantic provenance do not go without this piece of furniture. It serves for different purposes:

  • space zoning;
  • masking problem areas;
  • color accent;
  • decoration and gardening.

Particularly interesting is the thick grass in the interior. Short lawn greens or high dark sedge can work wonders.

Care and reproduction

If this is not your hobby and hobby, it is a difficult task.

Today it is solved easily: artificial grass in the interior is in no way inferior in beauty and charisma to living plants. The main thing is to choose a quality product that is easy to maintain and does not lose its properties during operation: not burnable in the sun, not subject to temperature changes and high or low humidity. In a word, preserving all the decorative properties of real live grass.

When choosing the main criterion is the price, because the quality components can not be too cheap.

Live grass, if desired, can be grown independently. To do this, select the capacity, depending on the style of the room. For example, raw wood crates for rustic furnishings, transparent Provençal jars and ceramic vases for classic style.

Pour drainage (expanded clay) at the bottom and add soil mixture for grass. Moisten (with the addition of a root-forming compound) and plant seeds according to the scheme recommended by the manufacturer.

Timely watering, humidity and temperature will help the seedlings to quickly climb and delight the eye for a long time. In the room where herbs and flowers grow, it smells of freshness and greens, which favorably affects human health.

Unexpected decisions

Ideas to use grass set. New technologies and artificial materials do not limit the imagination of designers. Consider a few original incarnations for the interior.

In addition to traditional boxes and pots, wear-resistant synthetic plants replace floor coverings. The winter garden, loggia, relaxation room, living room and bedroom look luxurious with emerald soft carpet.

Individual furniture design may contain niches, pockets and dimples: they will accommodate grass, imitating spring mini-lawns.

On the coffee table, under a perfectly transparent tabletop, there is a malachite glade. For those who dream of summer all year round - lampshades, carpets, paintings and other non-trivial solutions.


Incredibly positive impression on guests and visitors produces vertical gardening. The rainbow mood will remain for a long time from the sight of a fluffy green leaf with splashes of wild flowers. Decorating the walls with grass, moss and climbing plants is another fashion trend in design. It was developed with landscaping facades of buildings, and now it thrives in home and office spaces.

The essence of the method is to attach a light metal frame to the wall, then install a plastic frame on it and fill it with a special soft biomaterial, resembling thick felt. Fast-growing seeds are planted in it, the material is moistened and intensive growth begins. After a short time, the wall cannot be recognized - it turns into a luxurious home lawn and at the same time does not occupy a single meter of precious space! Constant micro-irrigation of grass maintains normal humidity in the room, creating a unique microclimate, acting as a natural air humidifier.

Young - green

The use of young grass in the interior is a fashionable trend for all times. In the 21st century, it reached a new level thanks to new technologies in floristics. Innovative phyto-sponges, aqua-rubber and epived (recycled plastic) made it possible for natural design to create mini-gardens and glades of tender grass right in the room.