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Interior doors-accordion: features and benefits (22 photos)

Not everyone knows that folding doors like "harmonica" were invented many centuries ago. Although, up until our time, they have not been particularly popular. Why are they called that? The fact is that in the half-open state they resemble the furs of accordion, a musical instrument, popularly known as the "harmonica". With the advent of new building materials and technologies today, such sliding doors are becoming popular again, as many people have already appreciated the advantage of installing them in modern apartments and houses.

What advantages are endowed with folding doors-accordion?

  • They allow you to save space, as they do not have swing open doors.
  • Their mounting technology is extremely simple, regardless of whether you need a glass door-accordion or a door-accordion made of PVC.
  • Folding folding doors are multifunctional. For example, in a small apartment, an accordion door to the kitchen and bathroom is no less relevant than regular interior doors. Especially suitable for the bathroom and for the kitchen, not afraid of moisture, sliding plastic doors with an accordion, for which it is easy to care. It is in this case that the white accordion door is the ideal option, since on its surface it is always easy to detect and remove any contamination. And, for example, a wenge-colored accordion door made of any material will suit both classic lovers and those who prefer a modern style in the design of residential premises.
  • With the help of this kind of doors, it is possible to overlap arches or openings of a very large width, which is not always feasible with the help of swing doors.
  • Folding doors in the interior can be used as an interior partition.
  • Having attached metal brackets and guides in the corner of the room to the ceiling, and then having suspended the doors of such a folding structure with their help, it is easy to get a section detachable from the common space of the room.
  • There is a huge variety of forms and technical solutions that allow the use of non-standard doors-accordions, for example, double-wing or sash which move not along a straight guide, but along a curved arc.

What are the disadvantages of sliding doors-accordion?

As for the shortcomings of such doors, there are few of them, and they concern mainly the material used for their manufacture. For example, a plastic accordion door is subject to (and severely) temperature distortion, in addition, a plastic door can be easily scratched. Its surface is very sensitive even to a small blow, which is able to leave a noticeable dent on it, and it is unlikely that this defect will be removed.

By the way, the door-accordion of MDF or of wood also requires careful handling and special care for the same reasons: the material from which it is made (wood or fibreboard) is also afraid of strong mechanical effects, especially the piercing type, therefore, in those cases when there is no desire to install wooden accordion doors, it is possible to successfully use metal or aluminum accordion doors for the same purpose.

Due to their high strength, such metal doors are well suited for hallways and as arched and double doors, especially if you need to block the arch or opening that is large in size.

Another disadvantage of the door-accordion, both standard and increased length, is their system of movement, as a rule, in the form of rollers moving along guides. Over time, it begins to work poorly, regardless of the material of manufacture of the doors themselves, but this is a rare case. When the doors are installed by professional craftsmen, high-quality components of well-known companies are used.

Glass door-accordion

As for the glass doors of this type, they can be frame or frameless. And among all the sliding structures, doors made of solid pieces of glass are the most popular. The accordion door with glass installed as a large or small insert also looks attractive.

Folding doors made of glass will be an ideal choice, especially if your apartment is not very large and you need to save as much space as possible to accommodate the necessary furniture. Yes, so that you can easily move around the room and there is still room for decor.

Today it is not difficult to order a door-book (it’s also an "accordion") made of durable tempered glass with a canvas:

  • transparent;
  • colorless matt;
  • mirror;
  • tinted;
  • with an image.

Particularly interesting glass door-accordion with photo printing. In this case, what is depicted on them can be either an independent composition and combined with the general interior of the room, or be part of, for example, a panoramic picture placed on the walls of this room.

Transparent glass doors of this design always amaze with their elegance, simplicity and seeming ease. They give the interior a piquancy, freely let the light, for them easy to care for.

The door-accordion made of glass is comfortable, looks great and fits well in almost any interior. If you like classic restraint, or you are a supporter of the cosmic nature of hi-tech, or if you like the sophistication of modernity, then in any of these cases the glass folding door-accordion would be appropriate for use.

Sliding doors of the "accordion" type are in constant demand due to their lightness, aesthetics, variety of varieties and interesting constructive solutions. These doors are constantly in demand by both private buyers and owners of cafes and offices. Using a sliding door-book helps to optimize the use of the space of an apartment or company. These sliding doors can also be used as a retractable partition in areas such as:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • bedroom;
  • cabinet

They can be installed in offices, in stores, in warehouses, in sports halls, etc.

The scope of the door-accordion is limited only by your imagination and ingenuity. Self-assembly of sliding doors of this type is also possible. The main thing is to choose high-quality material and accessories.