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Modern studio apartment 40 square meters. m: how to equip the perfect home (113 photos)

Competently furnished studio apartment. 40 square meters. m - a combination of practicality, convenience and ergonomic space with a relatively small footage. No need to think that there is too little usable space here: you only need to decide in advance on the tasks and make the most of the free space, abandon the weighting decor and keep the visual volume.

Modern design one-room apartment 40 square meters. m: key patterns

It is necessary to choose a basic style or outline a general trend: the interior design of a one-room apartment can be based, for example, on a city theme. In this case, clear lines, heterogeneous wall decoration, a common detail that unites the kitchen and the room will prevail - it can be a flower, a cultural attribute, an image of authentic urban architecture. Here minimalism is more appropriate than ever, but it will be useful if the housing is occupied by no more than 2 people.

Need to see what will be in the end. If you plan to bachelor den, the priority is a stylish apartment, designed for various types of recreation, recuperation, and self-care. For permanent residence of several people, on the contrary, it is necessary to consider zoning and create a multi-faceted space.

Built-in functional furniture can be a great help:

  • closet to the ceiling;
  • rotating shoe storage;
  • folding workplace that fits in the wardrobe department;
  • brackets on the walls, designed for sports equipment, a bicycle, other attributes of an active lifestyle;
  • Ironing board folding performance.

It is desirable that the cabinet be provided with a compartment in which to fit the vacuum cleaner, floor-mounted dryer, heater, folded fan and other mechanisms used from time to time.

If there is even a small balcony, this is an excellent additional platform, which can become a gym, office, summer terrace, workshop. However, it will require a fair amount of financial investments, especially regarding high-quality glazing, insulation, removal of the heating radiator. Finishing here is usually interconnected with the style of the living room.

Lighting in a one-room apartment can become an unobtrusive component of zoning. In order not to clutter up the visual perception, you should abandon the large ceiling lighting: a large chandelier should be replaced with an adjacent compact one, and you should also take advantage of the built-in variations.

Making design elements in bright colors helps to visually expand the room, to give it the missing integrity. Pastel colors in the interior can be harmoniously complemented with curtains and furniture upholstery, aged in a slightly lighter or darker range (literally 2-3 tones).

For marking functional areas, wall and ceiling decoration in the apartment is also useful: now in the trend space is broken down by means of changing color, texture, and surface relief.

Should I get rid of the walls?

Studio apartment, on the one hand, can be more comfortable than traditional wall placement. On the other hand, professional design of the design project is needed here, and this solution is reasonable only for 1-2 residents. Keep in mind that during the redevelopment of the bathroom will be difficult to move to another site, it is better to leave it in place.

The square-shaped studio creates a cozy round place for the bedroom in the central segment of the apartment. The far square is set aside for rest or settles the work area. There is another repair option - dividing the space into 2 approximately equal rectangles, it will be an extensive bedroom and a common area.

In a rectangular studio, the public segments should be as close as possible to the entrance; the study and bedroom are transferred to the depth of the dwelling. For visual expansion of the room, you can use a soft rounding corners.

If a studio apartment has non-standard proportions, in particular, it is L-shaped or trapezoidal, the corners must be used to place functional elements - this will help to visually align the room. Let the asymmetry become the highlight of the L-shaped odnushki, for example, it can be divided into squares, taking the farthest of them under the bedroom.

The interior of a one-room apartment of 40 square meters. m with zoning

When designing the premises, it is necessary to base not only on the functions of the sites and the wishes of the residents, it is also necessary to take into account the layout of the sewage nodes and the coordinates of the ventilation shafts.

In the hallway of a small apartment in addition to the doormat, you can provide a compact coat hanger, designed for top things. If space permits, it will be successfully replaced by a shallow wardrobe up to the ceiling - mirrored doors, spacious mezzanines will be just the way here, and this solution also looks much neater. It is worth looking at the ottoman, the lower part of which is framed in the form of a stand for shoes.

Usually in small apartments the bathroom is combined, but it makes sense during the repair to install a partition in the toilet bowl - this is necessary for hygiene purposes.

When zoning a kitchen, it is recommended to install a headset and equip a workplace along the wall where the ventilation shaft is originally located. In this case, you can install a powerful hood, it will relieve the studio of the smells associated with cooking.

If it is not possible to use a spacious, large compartment design as one of the partitions, you should order 2 or 3 compact structures and place them in different parts of the apartment.

If desired, even a double bed can be placed in a small-sized compact, the main thing is to use multifunctional furniture. For example, a bed on the platform is very comfortable, especially if at its base extra storage space is masked. To create privacy in the sleep zone, it is customary to use shelving, fixed and mobile partitions, sliding doors.

For the working area will have to take at least 1 square. m, in the minimum form is a folding shelf-tabletop and a small office chair. It is necessary to choose a site as far as possible from public areas, especially in this aspect, the space adjacent to the bathroom or kitchen is particularly inconvenient.

Features of the bathroom

The toilet on the installation will significantly save space, it attracts concise and aesthetic performance. The partition separating the bath and the toilet can be symbolic (that is, protecting the bathroom from the spread of germs), but if you wish, you can equip a full enclosed space (here the bathroom will remain passable). Even before the start of the repair, it is necessary to make a calculation for the water heater in the calculations.

Among the finishing materials there is more appropriate tile - hygienic, safe, durable, practical to use and care. Actual shades of gray in the form of gradation, the traditional pastel gamma. In the trend for individual zones Scottish in red and black (bright interior accent) and small chess. For camouflaging pipes and communications, box-shaped cladding is used with a mandatory addition - a revision window.

It is advisable to install a rectangular sink with slightly rounded corners in the bathroom of a small apartment. It is installed on the box, which fits a narrow or standard washing machine. If you fix a large mirror on top, the room will look more spacious. You can use the mirror cabinet with a minimum depth, then hygiene items will not be put on display.

The wall above the toilet can be occupied by an ergonomic wall shelf or a shallow cabinet. Here you can fit household chemicals, household accessories, pots, buckets.

Finally, if you want to leave the bathroom in the interior, you can improve it - to put a deep bowl with a comfortable (flatter) bottom, sliding shower doors. Forms a comfortable place for relaxation, lying in water, and when you need to quickly wash yourself, you can, standing on a flat surface, use the standard shower tools.