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Wallpapers for girls: interesting options for the children's room (30 photos)


Selecting wallpapers for girls is more difficult than for teenage boys. All because of a special sense of aesthetics, thirst to surround yourself with something unique and fabulous. Little princesses want their home abode fully consistent with the philosophy of life, personified dreams and desires.

The interior of the children's rooms is ideally formed by the parents, referring to the wishes of their children. We need a special approach, the ability to listen to the wishes of the youngest family members, as well as the presence of good taste.




A 5-10 year old girl’s room should personify a world filled with kindness, tenderness, love. Properly selected wallpaper for the nursery will be the ideal basis for the formation of a beautiful, cozy, magical interior.



Basic selection criteria

In order for a child, regardless of age or gender, to feel comfortable and cozy in his own room, it is important to think over the interior to the smallest detail. Baby health, both physical and psychological, is most important. When choosing a wallpaper for a room for a girl or a boy, parents should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Naturalness of materials in priority. On how high-quality and safe material for finishing walls, will depend on the microclimate in the room, and thus the well-being of the baby;
  • Paper or liquid wallpaper should not contain toxic materials or any chemical impurities that would be potentially dangerous;
  • The color of the wallpaper for the children's room, as well as the material itself, must be practical, easy to maintain;
  • Whatever beautiful wallpaper the parents choose, the design should appeal to the child.

It is important to take into account the opinion of the child, even if he is 5 years old or less. The task of the parents is to find safe and practical materials that will suit the little inhabitants of the room.



Main types

Before considering the options for wallpaper in terms of design, it is necessary to determine what kind of finishing materials will be used for the improvement of the children's room. Conventionally, all types of finishing materials for walls by type of trellis can be divided into the following categories:

  • Paper wallpaper is a simple, affordable material. They are ideally suited for a nursery in terms of environmental friendliness, but such cloths cannot be washed and it is difficult in principle to clean even the smallest contaminants;
  • Natural canvas. The wallpaper in the children's room for girls can be represented by rice paper or bamboo. Cloths are safe and beautiful, but also difficult to clean. The material is considered to be quite expensive and does not always fit into the interior of the nursery. Usually such canvases are purchased in the bedroom or living room;
  • Vinyl and non-woven. Practical, durable and easy-care fabrics are relatively inexpensive. However, it’s not worth overlaying the entire children's room with wallpaper. Such a finish does not allow the walls to "breathe", which means that it will not have a good effect on the health of the baby. Alternatively, flizelin or vinyl can be combined with paper.

Also in the nursery for a girl you can find liquid wallpaper. This is a relatively new type of interior finish. Liquid wallpaper is a specific decorative coating, which is also called silk plaster.

It is a cellulose mixture that contains pigments and various decorative impurities. Harmless natural substance sold in a dry form. Before finishing the dry mixture diluted with water, immediately starting to decorate the surfaces. Choosing a liquid wallpaper, you should consider not only the design, but also the type. There are cotton, silk, cellulose and silk-cellulose species.



3D wallpaper - ideal

Wallpaper 3D is a tempting novelty that captivates many with its original presentation, dynamic design and exclusivity. Such a finish will appeal to a young girl teenager, and will be to the liking of a naughty girl of 12 years.

3D wallpapers are made from environmentally friendly materials. They are resistant to mechanical damage, fireproof and are well treatable with detergents. The disadvantages include only the high cost of the goods. However, buying fashionable wallpaper for girls, you can not worry about the quality and performance.


In fact, absolutely any wallpaper in the interior has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes it is much easier to combine several types of trellis on the basis of one room at once, in order to obtain a truly satisfactory result. However, there are such types of finishes which, in principle, should be discarded.




We are talking about fashionable fabric or velor trellis. Quality products are very expensive. They really look very impressive and pretentious. However, expensive embroidery, gold stamping, extravagant floral decor for a girl of 10-13 years old will be inappropriate.

For very young children, such an aristocratic wallpaper design would be unacceptable in principle. It is worth remembering that fabric canvases have a peculiarity of accumulating dust, and this is completely unacceptable in a room for a baby.



Important parameters

Not knowing which wallpaper to choose, it is always best to give preference to light shades. Among the universal colors is to highlight a medium-sized ornament or moderate prints. For walls with a lot of details (clocks, shelves, mirrors, photographs, panels) it is better to choose plain wallpaper or combine 2 - 3 different shades.

If there is a desire to give more "elegance" to the room, you can complement monochrome canvases with any stickers. Among the individually selected decorations, flowers, animal figurines, fairy-tale characters, and abstraction are especially popular.

Do not underestimate the "psychology" of each color. Selected wallpapers will allow the child to influence the mind gently and delicately. For example, if a child is passive, you can stimulate his activity with the help of such colors:

  • Brown (classic style for girls from 15 to 21 years);
  • Green (ecostyle);
  • Blue and green (thematic installations on the marine theme);
  • Pink motifs (imitation of a fabulous apartment for a princess);
  • Sand shades (for gentle romantic interiors).

Orange tones are suitable for creating a positive atmosphere, summer relaxed atmosphere. Pure yellow shades like kids who are prone to vigorous creative activity. Lemon and biscuit tones inspire, allow you to quickly generate interesting ideas.

The red palette is not very suitable for children's rooms. If you like the scarlet tones, it is better to choose them as key accents. For example, delicate pearl background can be decorated with scarlet flowers.





The younger the child, the more interesting it will be the so-called plot lanes. A lot of topics:

  • Heroes of any cartoons;
  • Fairy tale characters;
  • Fairies;
  • Butterflies;
  • Rainbow and other natural manifestations;
  • Seabed inhabitants;
  • Animals;
  • Birds;
  • Reptiles and various exotic;
  • Situational images;
  • Space;
  • Unusual flowers;
  • Kids

Subject compositions are quite complex from the standpoint of design. Just pokleit wallpaper or 3d trellis will not be enough. Here are just a few examples of interesting solutions.

As a background, choose a gentle emerald hues with turquoise, coffee and rich olive tones. One of the walls, not burdened with furniture and accessories, is decorated with photo wallpapers on the theme of exotic jungle.

Indoor indoor flowers are placed: palm trees, orchids and other "themed" plants. If a girl loves soft toys, toys of “traditional” inhabitants of exotic forests are placed in the room.




Fabulous location

If a small princess lives in the room, the room is decorated in the appropriate direction. Pink monochrome wallpaper is decorated with the image of fabulous flowers, over which fabulous fairies or butterflies fly.

Particular attention is paid to textiles. These are delicate brocade air curtains, decorated with sequins and pearls. Other important attributes must necessarily be decorated in "royal style".




Fairy tale house

Walls can be decorated like fairy tale houses of favorite characters from fairy tales or cartoons. For example, in the popular cartoon "Masha and the Bear" you can well consider the situation in the house of the bear. The interior of the house in the forest can be repeated in the baby’s room.

Similarly, you can choose other thematic installations: Winnie the Pooh's house, the ocean floor, the cabin of the captain of a pirate ship, the palace of the Eastern Sultan. Before you begin the selection of finishing materials, textiles and furniture, you should definitely know the opinion of the child. His opinion should be prioritized.