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Framing curtains in the interior: the luxury of a palace setting (21 photos)


Curtains are the main highlight of the windows, without which part of the interior takes on a bored look. They can accurately emphasize a classic or modern style and give a room a luxury. In order to convey these feelings, use the framing bar. So, the curtains manage to give the room originality, and the mechanical part of the cornice with hooks will not attract attention.


Regardless of the material, the moldings for curtains are divided into:

  • smooth - standard, no bumps and can be in the concave, straight and curved style;
  • embossed - creative finishes, either with a unique design or with patterns.



Framing curtains can go to any interior, depending on their type. There are several varieties of this strap:

  • Wood. They embody the luxury of ancient times, and can be made from natural breeds. They look expensive, and cost accordingly. Often they depict patterns with gold leaf and all sorts of drawings. They differ in different ways of fixing, and can be installed on a wall or ceiling. This type is suitable for a classic style, and any other similar to him.
  • Metallic. You can meet them less often, because they are not suitable for every style. They differ from other types of high strength, durability, and have an original look. They are made of aluminum, and treated with compounds against corrosion. There are also models that are given a golden, silver, or any other shade through pollination. Ideal for the modern style of technical orientation, for example, hi-tech, techno.
  • Plastic. Most popular because of the reasonable price, pleasant appearance and various ways of fixing. They can be given literally any shape, look, imitating different natural textures (wood, metal, gilding, marble), and be both smooth and relief. Their main advantage is flexibility.

Also, custom made exclusive strips, which are particularly luxurious, pompous and specific patterns that have no analogues. They are made of cherry, oak, beech wood and use a special fabric. As a supplement, gold pollination and silver, bronze elements are used. This room resembles the Baroque style with its pompousness.




Curtains with a baguette strap are good for giving a frill to the interior, but before doing the work, you should familiarize yourself with this technique in more detail.

  1. The cornice is mounted on the ceiling only in the case when it is impossible to attach it to the wall, or if the design involves just such an installation. In other situations, a wall mount is used.
  2. To choose a suitable molding for curtains, you should proceed from the size of the room in height. The width of the strips of different material may vary, especially because of the method of fixation.
  3. When choosing a wall model, you need to consider the length of curtains and the difference in the distance between them and the wall. The protrusion should be averaged so that the curtains do not lie on the window sill, do not emphasize it unnecessarily, and do not leave a large empty space. In this case, the main guideline will be the width of the window sill.
  4. Wall-mounted baguettes can form a strip above the ceiling, which visually reduces the size of the room.

The basic rule: the installation of the plank needs to be carefully planned so that in future it will not turn into problems.




Unlike simple eaves, baguette has a great functionality that reveals its advantages:

  • Hides the shortcomings of the window opening, which could arise as a result of construction work.
  • The hooks and their guides will be safely hidden along with possible defects in the curtains that appeared when they were sewn.
  • They have invented many style decisions that will dilute the room and give it uniqueness.
  • They become an integral part of the decor, and fit perfectly into the interior.
  • Various methods of fastening, modifications from a variety of materials have been invented, which will not be difficult to choose the appropriate option.
  • You can change the size of the cornice by shortening or lengthening it.

With such bagetnye curtains decor becomes holistic, and will give the room comfort.



What is the combination?

For each style and color scheme, the eaves will be a fundamental addition on which it depends how the interior will be perceived. The design of the window space has a great influence on all other elements, so it is important to choose the right material, color and shape.

General patterns

For small rooms, a ceiling cornice is suitable, which will expand the room, creating the illusion of spaciousness. If the height is small, it is better to neglect wide slats and give preference to narrow ones that should fit in the color gamut and be combined with the image on the curtain fabric.

In large rooms will look great strips of different colors. You can create harmony in them with the help of draping baguette cornice with curtain fabric.




In the kitchen, the air may be high humidity, which will quickly ruin the wood. Then the window can be decorated with a plastic cornice with wood imitation, so that the product has lived longer and does not lose its attractiveness.

For the bedroom, the cornice is well combined with the textile decoration of a non-catchy color, which will add harmony and integrity to the interior.





Wooden baguettes or veneers are ideal for a classic style with a rich finish. The unusual carving resembles the interior of a room in a castle or palace, which personifies grandeur and wealth. For this style it is better not to use baguettes made of metal, the surface of which only upsets the harmony of the whole interior.

Using the simpler options, you can emphasize the style of country or Provence, thereby causing the charm of the resulting eco-style.

For rooms in oriental style, it is better to choose models with plant patterns from Egypt or Morocco.

Framing metal cornices are combined with technical style, the spirit of modernity and futurism. A matte finish will be the perfect complement that will give a sense of completeness.





The choice of color shades must be approached with complete seriousness. The lack of harmony between them can have a bad effect on aesthetics, after which even the most expensive cornice will look unattractive. To avoid this, you need to understand the role of the product in the room, which is often an addition, so its color depends on the surrounding elements (furniture, wallpaper and others).

In the selection of the shade of the plank you need to use the rule: its color should be paired with curtain fabric, or with interior elements. Their decoration should be in the same style to form a coherent whole.

Curtains with a baguette bar can not only cover up the flaws of the window space, but also emphasize all its advantages. They significantly affect the entire interior design and are the main highlight in the whole room. Plank of this type will decorate the room, emphasize the style and will please the eye for a long time.