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We buy furniture in the house: which kitchen to choose?

Every year hundreds of families across the country face the question of choosing furniture for the kitchen. Together with the collapse of the USSR, the standard “walls” have gone, which means that today we can afford headsets of any complexity, stylistic direction and colors, but in all this diversity it is very easy to get lost. So let's take a look at how to choose the right kitchen so that you will not regret your purchase for a minute.

What should I look for?

Each hostess has a clear idea of ​​what should be a modern kitchen. The main criteria will be convenience, the ability to create comfort and practicality. And today's manufacturers are ready to offer such a wide range that is able to satisfy the appetites of even the most demanding and captious housewife. And if you decide to make repairs in one of the most significant rooms in your apartment, but do not yet know how to choose furniture for the kitchen, you should sit at the table and answer a few questions before going to the store:

  • How many family members will the future headset be designed for? Will it be comfortable to feel in the room two at the same time preparing a person?
  • How often do you cook? How many people will gather in the kitchen, and how often will such meetings take place? Perhaps you do not need a large dining table, and you can be content with a small folding transformer.
  • What else is the room used for? If you like to watch TV in the evenings or to receive guests, you should take care of comfortable seats.
  • How to choose the color of the kitchen? If you have already thought out the design of the walls, floor and ceiling, you need to focus on him. When the repair starts from scratch, it is advisable to start from the general stylistic picture of the house, and also to take into account the size of the room and the level of its natural light throughout the day.
  • What is the best use of free space? In a small room, the corner kitchen will look organic, economical and multifunctional, and in spacious country houses massive wooden furniture with a large number of worktops and work surfaces can act as a kitchen unit.
  • Is it possible to increase the area of ​​the dining area?
  • What household appliances will be installed? Recently, embedded models have been particularly popular. This creates the illusion of a single facade and style of the kitchen, which makes the decor whole, cozy and neat.
  • Do you need additional lighting?
  • How spacious and comfortable should the cabinets be? A set for a small kitchen should contain a properly selected storage system, otherwise little things like empty cans, cleaning products and various cooking appliances will be stored in the pantry.
  • How do you see the location of the "triangle": stove, sink and refrigerator? How do you think, how to arrange them to make it as convenient as possible.
  • Where are all communications located? Is it necessary to build on additional niches, mezzanines, etc.? Is it possible to transfer the outlet or washing?

How to choose a design?

Today, thousands of photographs of massive headsets and small corner kitchens with different facades, in bright colors and shades, and unusual textures are freely available on the Internet.

If you can not make a decision by yourself, contact a professional, he will definitely give some advice on choosing the right furniture. And we will tell you what styles and trends are in the design of kitchen sets:

  • Classic. Such models of kitchens never go out of fashion. In most cases we are talking about heavy products from natural wood with a large number of decorative elements. Perfectly fit into a spacious room with high ceilings and large windows. Those who want to save, it is better to choose MDF, which modern companies are widely used instead of expensive wood.
  • Modern Here the question arises: how to choose a built-in kitchen? The technique should merge with the overall picture, all the details are thought out to the smallest detail, the minimum decor is maximum convenience. Calm, neutral shades and colors and subtle gloss are welcome.
  • Country If you want to choose a set in the style of "country" or "Provence", you certainly differ in the naturalness and naturalness, proximity to nature and their ancestors. Countryside is more typical for country houses, although in city apartments there are also not so rare. Funny lace napkins, appliances, decorated with brass, cute things, wicker furniture - this is what is most characteristic of this trend.
  • High tech. It is worth choosing for small kitchens. Good quality materials, chrome facade for the kitchen, the minimum number of accessories, high-tech appliances. Rooms and furniture in this style are different convenience and comfort.

Determining the stylistic direction in the design of the future headset is half the battle. If you do not know what color to choose for the kitchen, refer to such ancient science as color therapy. The right color is the key to a great mood and even a cure for some physical ailments. Consult with a specialist and select shades based on your own world outlook.

Five steps to success

Well, you have already ripped off the old wallpaper from the walls and opened the floor covering. It's time to ask yourself: which kitchen to choose? So that you can make the best choice, we recommend you go through several stages. In the course of searching for answers, you will be able to derive the formula for the correct kitchen, and the company will make it based on all the requirements you put forward. So let's go!

Design, colors, texture

Here it is necessary to answer three questions at once: how to choose the facade for the kitchen, from what material to choose the kitchen and what design to choose for this room. As for materials, there is no point in saving. They must be distinguished by the best abilities to repel moisture, hold steadfastly at temperature drops, and are excellent in withstanding various mechanical damage. The most popular are laminated chipboard, MDF, laminated chipboard with a coating of plastic, artificial stone and natural wood.


When developing a design plan, consider the current situation of washing, outlets and other important communications. Based on this, consider the size of the future headset. It should not look too massive compared to other furniture.

Fittings and contents

The kitchen should be simple, comfortable and convenient. The height of the shelves and other elements should be determined on the basis of the size of the embedded equipment. The storage system should be thought out to the smallest detail. How to choose a kitchen? So, you are not happy with the purchase, if you do not have everything you need at hand at the time of cooking.

Embedded technology

Agree, the neighborhood of a glossy cabinet and, for example, a lonely plate does not always look aesthetically pleasing. Now there is no need to clutter the space, modern manufacturers can integrate into the headset any device, even a very large one. It is necessary to engage in the acquisition of equipment long before the development of the project, because in the manufacture of furniture should be considered the size.

Space organization

Surely, having thought over the first four points, you have already roughly understood which kitchen is best to choose, but the last important moment remains. Headset dimensions should be respected so that the correct proportions between the dining and work area are maintained. It should also be remembered that the free space should be at least 20 percent of the total area of ​​the room.

Modern kitchen is a practical, comfortable, cozy room, "stuffed" with everything necessary to facilitate the process of cooking. But choosing a headset should take into account not only this issue. This furniture, like any other, must bear the aesthetic appeal and create in the home a homely and warm atmosphere.