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Children for two children: effective ways of arranging (103 photos)

Children for two children - a characteristic phenomenon in apartments, where it is difficult to allocate a separate room for each of the offspring. At the same time, the problem of creating decent conditions for young tenants is easily eliminated with the help of design solutions in the design of the common space.

The design of the children's room for two children is carried out taking into account the design features of the room and the needs of the younger generation. When organizing a space, attention is focused on comfort and functionality, while one cannot neglect the aesthetic side of the issue and the psychological aspect.

Options for planning a children's room for two children

The pledge of the ideal organization of the children's common space for two offspring of different ages lies in the correct placement of the furniture. There are a number of traditional planning options:

  • The beds are placed against opposite walls, each has its own working area equipped with a table, chest of drawers, a wardrobe and shelves for books or toys, accessories;
  • sleeping places are in a row at the long wall, separately from each other, the corner area near the window is designed as a functional space for work and creativity;
  • the beds are arranged perpendicular to each other by adjacent walls, the working area is settled on the far side of the room.

Two separate beds in the interior of the nursery - a good option for spacious rooms. If space permits, psychologically comfortable conditions can be created with a relatively small personal space for each of the children. Children's sleeping complexes with convenient storage system in the form of drawers, built-in dresser and shelves are especially advantageous.

In the interior of the nursery for two preschoolers, it is necessary to provide separate sleeping areas for each of the children, a common playground, space for activities / creativity and a sports area. For young schoolchildren, it is required to allocate comfortable and functional workplaces with a convenient arrangement of furniture. In the room for teenagers, interior design is carried out taking into account the basic preferences of each of the guys.

When organizing a nursery for two children of different sexes and young residents with a large age difference, it is required to divide the room into zones as a personal space for each of the children and a common play / sports area.

Functional children's furniture for two children

For rational use of limited space, most parents opt for multi-functional furniture for the nursery. The following designs are especially popular:

  • bunk bed;
  • loft bed;
  • bed podium.

Each of the models is distinguished by functional features, has advantages and disadvantages.

When planning the design of a room for young residents, you should pay attention to modular furniture systems and transforming models with height and length adjustment. In the first case there will be an opportunity to complete the children's complex as needed. As the child grows, it may be necessary to buy another modular cabinet of the same model or a second mezzanine. Children's furniture models with adjustable dimensions allow you to increase the design parameters to ensure comfortable operation over an extended period of time.

Bunk bed in the interior of the nursery

The design provides two beds at different levels, which are located one above the other. Such children's furniture for two children is equipped with a ladder on the second tier and safety bumpers on the upper bed. Some models have a bottom drawer for storing accessories. If desired, you can buy a configuration with a built-in end wardrobe or a bookcase.

The use of bunk beds in the children's room allows you to significantly save usable space. At the same time, there are some difficulties with the placement of such a complex: with a ceiling height of less than 2.6 m, it is not necessary to install a bunk bedroom, since there is a great risk of psychological discomfort for a child who uses the upper lodge. In addition, it prevents the stuffiness, since warm air flows around the ceiling.

Loft bed - a complex with extended functionality

An attic bed is an alternative design if you are looking for furniture in a children's room for two children. This solution allows each child to equip a separate complex with additional functionality. The upper tier of the loft bed is a comfortable sleeping area. The workspace with a table, shelves and cabinets can be equipped at the bottom. There are models with a playground with the appropriate design. Popular configurations with a storage system in the form of a built-in wardrobe or bookcase, located under the bed. For a child of preschool age, you can buy the option of furniture with a chest of drawers or with shelves for toys.

Bed-podium - the original composition in the interior of the nursery

When arranging a children's room for two children in Khrushchev, you can successfully use a clever design with a bedroom-podium. The presence of low ceilings in the buildings of that era does not always allow the introduction of a classic bunk bed. The possibilities of the podium provide interesting options for arranging a common space for two guys:

  • a bedroom for one of the young tenants is made on a hill, the second place for sleeping is a roll-out structure, which is hidden under the podium;
  • Both berths are located under the hill, and the upper plane is equipped as a working space with a table and other attributes;
  • on the podium, you can organize a playground, and in the lower space to arrange comfortable places for sleeping and rest;
  • a working area is created on an elevated plane, one sleeping place is under it, and the bed for the second child is placed in another part of the room.

For the construction of the podium most often allocate a plot near the window, if settling in a narrow children's room for two children. In the case of a spacious area, the sublime structure is equipped in the form of an island with built-in beds.

Children's design for two boys mischievous

Twin brothers often like to be constantly together, and young gentlemen of different ages often experience discomfort from the lack of personal space in the nursery. When making a room for boys with a significant difference in age, it is worthwhile to divide the area with the help of interior solutions. This will help zoning furniture:

  • part of the interior of the nursery for a young boy is equipped with an attic bed with a play area at the bottom, where there are places for storing toys;
  • for a teenager teenager, it is worthwhile to establish a complex with a minimalist working area. It can be a loft bed with a computer desk and a system for storing school supplies or a modular design with a bed, work surface and cabinets of the required format;
  • as a solution for demarcating into two parts of the interior, you can use the Swedish wall or a sports area with crossbars, punching bag, rings, rope, rope ladder.

For two younger boys, you can buy a bed-machine or equip a bedroom-cosmodrome. Romance of adventures is peculiar to young men, they will like the interior in a marine style, with fantastic motifs or in a sporty style.

Design nursery for two girls princesses

The interior of the girls' room is decorated in soft colors, pastel scales and puppet images are popular. Young ladies have a large arsenal of clothing and accessories, so they need an impressive storage system. As a bedroom for girls most often choose designs with a fabulous design. These can be loft beds with a beautiful wrap over a bed or models decorated in the form of an oriental tent made of transparent flowing curtains. In the interior design for young beauties actual dressing tables with a mirror, soft ottomans, bean bags.

Interior nursery for children of different sexes

Before you start repairing a nursery for a boy and a girl, you need to consider the features of the division of space into functional zones. In finishing it is worth adhering to neutral shades. As an accent in part of the interior for the girl, you can use a panel with floral motifs in a delicate range. The wall next to the boy’s bed can be decorated with a geographical map or a picture with pirate motifs.

In such an interior is appropriate children's furniture for two children of different sexes with different colors. The design can be positioned along the long wall and equip the original partition between the headboards of the beds.

How to equip a small nursery for two children?

When making a compact space for children, the features and nuances of the room are taken into account:

  • it is very important not to force the room with furniture and decorative elements;
  • zoning of a children's room for two children is carried out with the help of color and textures of finishing materials;
  • in a small space, massive partitions should be avoided in order to divide the interior for two children of different sexes, flexible enclosures in the form of textile curtains, half-open shelving, light screens are best suited;
  • furniture sets for children should not be massive, and at the same time it is necessary to give preference to designs from environmentally friendly bases.

In a small space it is advantageous to use structures-transformers, built-in furniture and equipment, modular complexes. This may be a loft bed with a working area in which the table is equipped with a roll-out mechanism. Sliding wardrobes under a berth on the top tier are in great demand.

In the arrangement of a nursery for two children, it is worth using effective design ideas to create a functional and comfortable interior with an attractive design.