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How to combine a purple sofa in the interior of different styles (23 photos)


It is difficult to imagine a more universal thing in the interior than a purple sofa. This design can be found in almost any style where it looks completely organic. Of course, it is worth paying tribute to technological innovations and the variety of different mechanisms for folding the sofa, as well as the very forms of this piece of furniture, but do not forget about color - the multifaceted and mysterious purple looks completely different in each case, but does not lose its relevance.



Variety of shades

Among psychologists there is an opinion that purple is the color of depression and creativity. Where the fine line between these two concepts is, let's leave to psychologists to understand, however, we agree that some tones of violet, especially dark ones, are very difficult for perception, while lighter shades fill the room with ease and positive.

Among the most famous shades of purple decided to highlight:

  • purple
  • eggplant;
  • purple;
  • lavender;
  • purple;
  • plum;
  • violet;
  • amethyst.

This list of shades can be continued indefinitely, and all the names will also be poetic, perhaps this is the manifestation of this closeness of this color to creative people.



The possibilities of color unions

Almost all colors are combined with violet, but there are several classic unions that are most often used in interior design:

  • Violet and white. This combination is distinguished by rigor and solemnity, perhaps that is why it is so often encountered at registration of wedding banquets. In the interior, this successful combination is most often found in the style of minimalism, when you need to place the accents correctly.
  • Violet and black. No less strict combination, but at the same time very emotional. In the interior of this tandem looks mysterious and sublime.
  • Violet and beige. This combination is the most classic and often met in the interior. Beige, unlike white, smoothes the severity and makes the room home-like cozy, and the purple blotches in the form of upholstered furniture, for example, do not let the eye get bored in the created tenderness.
  • Violet and green. This combination will suit a more courageous nature, but its natural originality does not irritate the eyes, but, on the contrary, makes the interior complete and laconic. A green living room with a purple sofa will be a corner of calm and contemplation.
  • Violet and yellow. This combination is also found in nature, so it does not act annoyingly. However, to use such a union in the hall is extremely brave and carries its own difficulties. Making the main room in such a complex color, you need to take care that the rest of the apartment supports such bold design.
  • Violet and orange. This bright and bold blend of shades will conquer the hearts of the most creative people. The fire of orange and the cold of purple come into conflict, giving rise to an unprecedented and very attractive combination. Having decorated the living room in such shades, you will forever forget about peace of mind, but cheerful and noisy parties are guaranteed to you.
  • Purple and red. These two colors are combined the least, and therefore such a tandem can hardly be found in interior design. However, if you choose shades of purple close to red and pink, it is quite possible to get an interesting effect and a cozy atmosphere.

Due to its variability from homely warm hues to the cool colors of a summer night, violet blends seamlessly with almost all other colors, making it one of the most popular hues for interior decoration.



In order to understand how the purple furniture looks in the interiors of different styles, you should take an example of a purple sofa to get acquainted with this in more detail.

Purple sofa in classic living room

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about a living room in a classical style is heavy curtains, monograms, gold, and many regular lines. It is very difficult to imagine bold purple in such brevity, but a dark purple sofa can be an excellent option for a classic living room. It is better if it is made of velvet, velor or leather, if your interior is only stylized to the well-known classic furnishings, you can choose from eco-leather. Dark, almost black, purple upholstery has that luxurious mystery and classic severity, which is so necessary declared interior. Since the classic does not accept complex shapes and designs, a straight purple sofa will perfectly decorate a serious atmosphere, while perfectly combined with gold-plated fittings.




Lavender sofa in provence

As you know, Provence came to us from the southern regions of France, and in fact these territories are famous for their lavender fields stretching to the horizon. It is not surprising that the delicate and delectable lavender shades of purple were embodied in this French style. A soft sofa of this color will look very organic in a bright living room, made in the style of Provence. Cheerful pillows of different colors or with a floral pattern perfectly complement the composition, and make the interior very homely.




Ethnic motifs in purple

Most often, the purple sofa can be found in Oriental styles. Of course, it will be juicy and bright fuchsia, decorated with equally bright pillows and rollers with tassels, such an incarnation can most often be found in ethnic interiors. The bright purple corner sofa will be an excellent bed for the padishah, where he will enjoy the aromas of oriental spices and the melodies of non-quiescent melodies.



Violet sofas in modern styles

In modern styles, the situation looks much more prosaic, but the universality of the purple style also plays a significant role here. So, this mysterious shade, embodied even in a complex high-tech, which, it would seem, accepts only stone and metal.

Furniture of purple color, met in high-tech, should be very dark colors or close to it, then the metal and other natural textures will reveal in all its severity.

According to the opening mechanism in modern styles there are violet eurobooks and accordions. All of them are equipped with modern designs and fixtures, have simple outlines and perfectly manage the space in the unfolded state - isn’t this one of the main signs of modern style?




In minimalism there can be a sofa of any shade of purple, because most often it is on it that encloses the whole interior. The walls in such rooms usually have a simple monotonous design, so a bright sofa becomes the center of the whole composition. The modern requirement is also important - it should also have the simplest form, so in small rooms you can find purple sofa beds, which not only look beautiful in the interior, but also allow you to organize an extra bed. When the owners of the home adhere to the principle of minimum use of objects in the interior, such a design will be a real salvation.

As you can see, the universality of violet is truly limitless, the main thing is to take care of the correct shade for each particular interior, and then your room will become homely and a little mysterious, which will allow you to spend pleasant evenings sitting on the couch.