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Arrange the workplace at home: the secrets of the organization of space (77 photos)

Today, more and more designers, copywriters and programmers are refusing office work and working successfully at home. And the degree to which the freelancer will work comfortably and productively at home depends largely on the proper organization of the working space. If earlier there was enough of an old table with a laptop, then today you can make a full-fledged study in the bedroom or living room.

How to organize a workplace at home

The organization of the workplace at home only at first glance seems to be simple. Many people think that if there is a table with a computer, it means that there is a workplace, but everything is much more complicated.

The workplace in the apartment should be:

  • isolated;
  • properly lit;
  • equipped with functional furniture;
  • made in your favorite style;
  • decorated with pleasant things;
  • always in perfect order.

The right workplace should be as isolated as possible. Ideally, it can be done in a separate room, re-equip the pantry or balcony. If the apartment is small, you can select a corner in one of the rooms and separate it with a screen or a closet without a back wall.

If your main working tool is a computer, then you will not need a lot of free space. But even a few square meters need to be organized correctly and for this you need to choose the right furniture. For a comfortable workplace in the apartment you will need:

  • table;
  • chair;
  • shelves;
  • closet or shelving

Home furniture can be made in any style. If you are bored with boring office tables and chairs, choose something brighter and more interesting. To make the home more compact workplace, you can use the window sill. To do this, a wide tabletop is installed close to the window, which easily replaces a separate table.

Psychologists are advised to always keep the desktop free. Then nothing will distract you, annoy and interfere with the flight of creative thought, so for all things it is worth considering storage systems. In the cabinet or niche should be open and closed shelves. You can put a printer and books on the open ones, and keep folders and all the necessary trifles behind closed doors.

For home office you need to choose a comfortable chair. Do not work on the kitchen stool, but spend it and buy a soft, rotating office chair. It will work you much more productive.

In your home office, be sure to think about the lighting. Ideally, there should be windows so you can highlight when the day begins and ends and do not lose track of time. There must be a good office lighting: a chandelier or spotlights on the ceiling, a comfortable desk lamp. There should be no wires on the walls - they are distracting and annoying.

Important things for comfortable work

Comfortable workplace at home make stylish accessories, which should not be too much. So, in order to control the work time, hang the clock on the wall. Also find a place for a slate magnetic board. To it you can attach notes with reminders, work plans and just postcards and pictures that inspire you.

For storing small items, use cardboard and plastic boxes with lids, decorated with original prints. They store stationery, paper and other necessary things, but do not litter them, and periodically conduct an audit and throw away all unnecessary.

The design of the workplace should please you, so buy yourself beautiful stationery. No need to make notes in an old school notebook with a stub of a simple pencil. Buy a beautiful notebook, bright stickers, a set of multi-colored pens and put them in the original metal cup. You can decorate the workplace at home with living plants in stylish pots, a pair of statuettes, vases with flowers and other trifles. Remember that every thing must have its place. And if any object in the home office bothers you, it is better to remove it. If you look at the modern ideas of the workplace, you will see that, regardless of the style, there is nothing superfluous in the home office.

Home office style

The interior of the workplace in the apartment can be done in such styles as:

  • loft;
  • classic;
  • minimalism;
  • Scandinavian;
  • country music;
  • ecostyle;
  • Oriental;
  • Provence

Today, the loft in terms of its popularity beats all records. To make a stylish interior of such a plan, you have to spend money not only on furniture, but also on wall and floor decor. Of course, it is expensive, but the result will be stylish, comfortable and perfect. Indoors, the walls can be laid out with bricks or covered with textured plaster imitating a concrete screed. For such an interior fit a simple table and shelves made of natural wood, leather brown chair. The cabinet can be decorated with black and white photographs in wooden frames.

Home office in the bedroom can be done in the Scandinavian style. This interior direction is characterized by a bright color palette and conciseness in details. The color of the walls in this interior can be white, blue, beige. These walls will be the perfect backdrop for bright interior items. In the Scandinavian interior must be bright spots and furniture made from natural materials.

A computer table made of varnished or white paint is ideal for a computer. Countertops are needed for beauty and comfort, they can be covered with yellow, blue, green paint.

In a large office on the floor you can put a bright round carpet, and in a small home office - a half-meter walkway. It will definitely be comfortable with her. In the Scandinavian-style office window with curtains of thick linen or cotton, decorated with a geometric print, should hang on the window. If the furniture is white or wooden, the interior can be decorated with bright frames with photos, stationery and other trifles in the Scandinavian style.

At home, you can work and relax - this is a plus freelancing. To do this, in a large office is to find a place for a sofa or easy chair. In the hours of rest here you can spend time reading a book or reading a favorite blog. If you work at home, it does not mean that you need to be at the computer without lifting your head for 12 hours. The working day at home should be from 9 am to 6 pm with breaks for lunch and rest.

If you love Provence, make your home cabinet in this style. Artificially aged furniture, textiles and furnishings in pastel colors will suit him. For a home office in eco or oriental style, furniture and finishing materials made from natural materials are suitable: natural stone, cotton, flax, wood.

The country style will look original in the interior of a home office, but it is more difficult to make it than a Scandinavian or classical one. Country - is the interior in a rural style. White walls can be made in such an office, but it is necessary to place wooden brown beams under the ceiling. All furniture must be made of natural wood. Brown wooden shelves covered with glass, checkered natural textiles, a metallic watch with a large dial and a forged chandelier will fit into such an office.

The choice of interior style depends on the area of ​​the office. If there is little space, then it is better to stay in a loft, minimalism or Scandinavian. For large rooms suitable Provence, classic and country.

When you start working at home, the first thing to do is to set up a study for yourself. Properly organized space, the availability of everything you need, a comfortable working environment - all this affects your productivity and income level. If you want to earn well at home and grow professionally, be prepared to invest not only in your studies, but also in the office interior.