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Island of comfort: bathroom

Interior trends replace each other, of course, not as fast as in the fashion industry world, but, nevertheless, interior design is also subject to fashion trends. Of course, it is inappropriate to make repairs in the apartment every year, but by changing some details, you can radically transform the design of any room, including the bathroom. A bathroom is not the most important and significant place in an apartment, but many people spend considerable time on water procedures, and why not to do it in a comfortable, beautiful and cozy atmosphere? So how do you make an island of comfort out of this room without spending huge amounts on cardinal repairs?

Determine the color

First you need to understand that the more neutral the walls of your bathroom (light paint or plain tiles), the easier and easier it is to modify the room. Therefore, if you only plan a global repair, you are in search of ceramic tiles, we recommend to look at white color.

After all, the popularity of the Scandinavian style in the interior is gaining momentum. This is explained by the fact that the white color is universal and ideally combined with other colors, visually expanding the space. In addition, white personifies purity, freedom, and the desire for light. The interior in such a color is very easy to complement with various interesting details and easily beat this or that style.

Choosing curtains for the bathroom

But if the walls of your bathroom are not white, and at the moment there are no opportunities to make them so, then an alternative to a white wall can be shower curtains. Blinds are large enough in size and can hide the flaws of the interior. The bright colors of the curtains will add a little light to the room and expand the space. If monochrome-white seems a bit boring to you, then you can choose a curtain with an unobtrusive pattern in a flower or pattern. Find the right curtain on the site wildberries. The store has a wide range of products at affordable prices. Therefore, you can buy two or more curtains to change their mood.

We select mats in the bathroom

Add comfort to your bathroom, and every morning will begin with a great mood! This task perfectly cope very ordinary rugs. Like the shower curtains, they would seem to be a minor detail, but they can radically change the sense of space, adding to it coziness, style and a bright accent. And all this - for a small budget. If you want to create a beach atmosphere, a set of rugs with the image of sand, sea stars and azure waves would be an excellent option. These rugs in different variations can be found in the online store bonprix.ru. The big plus is that each model is presented in 7 sizes. You will be able to choose the mat of the color you like in the size that suits you, transforming your bathroom quickly, easily and at a very low budget. And so that the interior of the bathroom looked harmonious and in the same style, then in the same store you can choose the decor for the bathroom. For example, continuing the beach theme, a candlestick in the form of a bottle or a wall lamp in the form of an anchor are ideal for a bathroom.

In bonprix, we also found matching sets of towels - with such stylish accessories your bathroom will be completed in accordance with the latest trends in the interior world.

Bathroom furniture

We talked about textiles for the bathroom, now let us pay attention to functional furniture. In place of the usual boring bathroom cabinets stylish and practical shelving came into vogue. They can be made of natural wood, bamboo, metal or plastic of different sizes and with different numbers of shelves and crossbars. Even for the smallest bathroom, you can pick up a small and roomy corner rack. On the shelves, you can store clean linen or bath accessories in baskets, or you can simply themed decor (candles, figurines, pictures in frames, etc.). On the crossbars you can place towels where they can dry quickly. Shelves and shelves are comfortable and functional furniture that gives the bathroom a modern, stylish look.

You can buy such modern and original bathroom furniture, as well as additional accessories, on the website of the laredoute.ru store. This product is presented in collections, which is very convenient, because you can buy everything at once, your interior will look complete, thoughtful and in the same style.

Comfort is largely created by order, so use the same special baskets and boxes for storing bathroom accessories. Try to maintain the interior in a single color scheme and complement it with interesting accents, for example, artificial flowers in pots or posters in frames. Let the bathroom become a cozy and comfortable island of your home, which will fill you with energy and positive.