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We use partitions for division into zones

One-room apartments are actively sold in the real estate market, and both in new buildings and in the secondary market. A one-room apartment is an intermediate place of residence for young newly formed families who want to live in their property, and not pay a permanent rent to their owners. In addition, the availability of prices for one-bedroom apartments determines the constant demand for such property. Having bought such an apartment, the first thing new owners think is how to make repairs in the apartment and design its design so that you can feel comfortable and comfortable in the new property.

How can I arrange a one-room apartment? It all depends on the owners, on their desires and capabilities. Yes, of course, a one-room apartment restricts its owners a bit, because you will not unfold much in it. However, the presence of fantasy, as well as a clear understanding of what you want to end up with, should play a key role in this matter. If everything is pretty obvious with a bathroom and a balcony, here’s a room and a kitchen - this is room for your ideas.

It is best to design your apartment on the principle of zoning, highlighting all the elements you need, such as, for example, a sleeping place, a recreation area, a work corner, and if you have a child, a children's area. But the most difficult thing is to decide how to draw the boundaries between the zones. What partitions to use? And how will they fit into the design?

Mobile partitions

Of course, there are many ways to divide the areas in the apartment, which are suitable for a particular interior. It is possible to delimit the territory of a room according to the color principle, it is possible to make different levels of the floor and ceiling in this or that zone. But the most correct way is to use partitions that are of two types: mobile and stationary. Mobile fences can take two positions during the day, the first one can be moved apart, and the second one can move. During the day the position of the mobile partitions can be changed several times. These fences include:

  • Sliding doors. With their help, you can isolate any zone in the apartment, but most often such partitions are used for the visual border between the room and the kitchen.
  • Curtains Curtains can also act as mobile partitions. Most owners separate the sleeping area in such a way as to give this place privacy and tranquility. Many girls like to install various canopies over their beds.

It should be said that the mobile partitions in their closed state give the one-room apartment some mysteriousness. And each guest will want to unravel the mystery by opening the door or sliding the curtain.

Stationary partitions

Another option for the design of the apartment can become stationary partitions. From the very name it becomes clear that in what position you make them, so they will stand. So you should carefully weigh all the options in order to choose a suitable interior. But the choice of stationary partitions is much wider than mobile ones. Here are the most popular stationary partitions:

  • Rack. This equipment, which can be used not only for some personal items, but also as a separator between, for example, a work area and a place of rest. Shelves are different in height, length, you can order an individual design.
  • False wall. The whole point in the name of the partition, on the one hand, is the wall, on the other, it is snag. Such a fence extends across the entire height of the room, that is, from floor to ceiling, and due to the side and floor fasteners, the partition is considered to be stationary.

How to choose the right partition

It should not be forgotten that the repair of any apartment is a painstaking process; it is worthwhile to approach it responsibly, having foreseen all possible types of partitions in your apartment. Of course, you can do it yourself, deciding what will be located. You can also contact a professional design studio, whose representatives have extensive experience in this field, and in the shortest possible time will select the best interior for your property.

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