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Gazebo in the garden - a wonderful outdoor recreation (56 photos)

The presence of a gazebo in the garden of a modern country house is not only the most popular and beloved decoration of garden design, but also a fairly functional building. After all, under the roof of a charming gazebo, you can relax while sipping refreshing drinks, or retire to read a book or work. Let it sound trite, in the end, to hide from the scorching sun on a hot summer day or, on the contrary, from the torrential rain in spring or autumn. And you can gather in the gazebo the whole family at the same table. Any planned event organized in the open air, will be held at altitude. Birds twitter, grasshoppers chirping, air filled with nature scents and beautiful landscapes that can be more pleasant unity with nature.

Arbor decoration for the garden land is currently comparable to a work of art, albeit a miniature one. How to make a gazebo, so that it was not only a shelter from the weather conditions, but the greatest asset of the landscape interior? It is necessary to choose the model of the arbor correctly so that it becomes a real asset and the most important decoration of the garden plot. If you wish, you can contact the design specialists. But your main goal is to combine the future construction with the exterior of the main building and the design of homestead land. After all, combining a gazebo with other buildings on the site, maintaining the general stylistic direction in design, you can achieve the effect of a single ensemble in architecture.

Arbor with fireplace

The owners of country houses often want to see a gazebo with a fireplace or stove in their garden so that the weather does not dictate their conditions if they suddenly want to cook food in the open air on a sunny summer day.

The alliance of wood and stone looks truly masterpiece. This is almost all the favorite design option gazebos. The combination of wood and stone in itself creates coziness and comfort. For a good rest, the hosts and guests need to settle down somewhere. This design will perfectly complement wicker furniture with soft pillows, which should not only be in harmony with the overall picture in the created design project, but also be comfortable so that guests can not only have dinner, but also relax. Suspended street lamps, gazebos on the roof will make it possible to eliminate the lack of lighting.

The project of a gazebo with a cozy soft sofa and a small bar counter is perfect for a family day out, and in the evening for a small party with friends.

Lighting in the gazebo - an important detail in the interior, which is better thought out at the design stage. Lighting options at the moment a lot. Whether it will be a big chandelier, a few lamps or an imitation of a garland depends on the financial investments and the breadth of the scale of the ideas of the homeowners. Having made a ceiling from wooden beams, you can achieve good light scattering with the help of daytime sunlight.

For lovers of contrasts, you can create a tent, where the bright colors of the stove and upholstered furniture will be in harmony with the dark tones of decor and forging.

Gazebo dining

For lovers of food in the fresh air designers have tried to create an appropriate model of gazebos with the organization of the dining area. An open plan gazebo with barbecue near the pond can be a favorite place for eating for the whole family at any time of the day. For romantic natures, you can recreate the cozy atmosphere of the living room in a small gazebo using the game of light.

To create a cozy place fit high fencing. In the corner of the fence you can place a gazebo for relaxing and eating. It is possible to supplement the design of this design with the help of white curtains made of the most weightless fabrics. They will simultaneously help to hide from the sun's rays, and from prying eyes, and if necessary, create an atmosphere of romance and sex.

A gazebo with a domed roof just needs a round table and, by tradition, a chandelier over it. A table of this form can accommodate many guests for a joint dinner in the open air.

Arbor, made in the Oriental style, can become a cozy dining area for the whole family. Bright furniture will contrast with the warm tones of wood, from which you can make a gazebo. And the presence of a hedge will give additional comfort and mood for rest.

The construction of wooden slats next to the wall of plants, providing protection from sunlight in the daytime, can be another excellent example for family dinners and dinners.

Arbor on the roof of the house

The absence of a cottage or a country house is not a reason to deprive oneself of the opportunity to relax in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view. If you wish, you can organize for yourself a small paradise on the roof of the building. Of course, not everyone can afford this luxury, however, it is absolutely real. In large cities it is very fashionable to organize a holiday on the roof of the house. A gazebo made of steel will look very organic among concrete and brick. Wicker furniture of bright colors and live plants blooming in flowerpots will add a special atmosphere to relaxing in the fresh air.

Well, who does not like metal and concrete, from which it blows a little cold, you can ease the design by designing them from other lighter materials, such as wood and weightless curtains. Arbor can serve as an awning in the form of a large umbrella and always fun colors. You can dilute the picture with the help of fresh flowers, the palette of which is simply obliged to shine against the general background in order to smooth out the industrial atmosphere. For lovers of Oriental motifs, a gazebo in the style of a Chinese pagoda will do.

You can build a gazebo with your own hands, but for this you need, first, to have a good imagination; And secondly, the experience of carpentry work will come in handy, in order to actually implement our plans. If you are doing well with imagination, and you accurately imagine the design of your future gazebo, but there is no education and skills, you should not be upset. Professionals can do all this for you. In any undertaking, the main desire and desire, and everything else will follow. Do not be shy of your imagination, act and everything will work out for you.