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Italian style in the interior (87 photos): modern and classic design

What is Italian style in the interior? This is a combination of classic design and architecture with a rustic simplicity. As an example, we can recall the old villas with different in time to create and in their function rooms and buildings. Here you will find both Loft and Country style, and, of course, Provence.

Modern Italian decor, first of all, is associated with comfort, tranquility and a big happy family.

Design features

For the design in the Italian style is most suitable large rooms with the presence of huge windows, well transmitting daylight. This can be either a country house or an ordinary apartment in a high-rise building. In addition, the features of the Italian style are also in the minimum number of textiles and decor.

To the note: the projects of houses in the Italian style are available to almost everyone: there are both economy and luxury class options.

Living rooms

Living room

In this case, in the foreground of the wall, or rather their decor, close to the style of Country. The best option - wallpaper with a large pattern or stucco. Also, the Italian-style living room provides for paintings with landscapes typical of Italy. In one corner of the room you can place a large plant in a clay pot. But decorating the hall with too large decor is not desirable.

In addition, the modern Italian style is the use of furniture as large accessories: a couch, sofas, low stand, etc. Given this number of massive objects, the Italian-style living room should not be overloaded with small accessories. It will be enough to decorate the room, for example, with artificial flowers of Italian theme or with a low vase of dark glass on the coffee table. In this case, carved doors of warm colors will also look good.


A bedroom in the Italian style is plain light blankets or bright decor of bedspreads hanging from the edge of a sofa or bed, walls of light colors and a large number of decorative pillows of various colors and sizes. You should choose pillows that repeat the color gradation of the door, ceiling, bed, walls or, on the contrary, contrast with them sharply. Beds, most often, occupy the center of the room.

You can complete the interior in Italian style by decorating the bedroom windows with organza curtains (suitable for all styles: Loft, Provence, etc.). Italian-style curtains, like other textiles, are often used to highlight wall decorations such as paintings or mirrors, and sometimes frame beds with them.


But the Italian-style kitchen is the most simple decor: a massive table in the center of the room, open sideboards with dishes, patterned curtains on the windows, simple wallpaper and doors, wooden chairs, soft sofas and small accessories. It is also worth knowing that the Italian-style kitchen should not be made in too bright colors (like the hall): low-key walls, ceiling and floor. Italian-style kitchen design is minimalism!

Entrance hall

It is rather simple to make an Italian style in the corridor: any hallways will be decorated with a fabric composition or a large picture opposite the entrance door, a candlestick or a bright napkin on the table for keys, patterned wallpaper and a wall wooden hanger.


As well as the corridor, the bathroom requires space saving. The main large elements should be placed on the walls so that they do not take up much space. But, in this case, the Italian style allows slightly more small objects than, for example, in the hallway.

In addition, the bathroom uses upholstered furniture in the style of Country or Provence: puffs, small sofas, upholstered chairs, etc.

The Italian-style bathroom is a boudoir, that is, an apartment building intended not only for water treatments.


If the house has a balcony, you can also create an Italian-style interior here: forged fences, tubs with flowers, etc. But to glaze a balcony in this case is not desirable.

To the note: a balcony in Italy is often used as a botanical garden, but in our conditions the climate is not quite suitable.

Choice of furniture

The classic Italian design of an apartment or house provides furniture (in any room, be it a hall, corridor or hallway) of dark wood with soft wavy curls and patterns: open sideboards, a massive table with thin low legs, soft chairs with high backs, ottomans and sofas with a rounded headboard.

To properly arrange the room, it is important to correctly select the furniture in the Italian style: upholstery and color. Items of upholstered furniture can act as the main color element in dark beige warm colors.


The most common design in the Italian style (hallways, bedrooms, corridor, etc.) provides for wall lamps with the presence of forged elements and hanging lamps. Wrought iron chandeliers of copper or yellow color, spherical shades or small forged decorations in the form of ivy leaves, a bunch of grapes, etc.

Highlighting the interior of the apartment will help chandeliers of white metals (Country style), lamps with elliptical shades.

When using primary and secondary lighting, it is important that the lamps or chandeliers are made in the same style: decoration with a wall lamp and primary lighting, such as two table lamps located at different ends of the room. In addition, additional lighting can be provided in the form of a kerosene lamp. Chandeliers and lamps of unusual shapes are also often used.

Surface finish


Classic finishing material in Italian design - Venetian plaster. Firstly, with its help you can get carelessness close to the Country style, secondly, to complement the interior with the personality of the texture, which is characteristic of the ancient style.

Also, the walls are often trimmed with cork wallpaper of light colors. It is best to combine wallpaper with massive elements.

The active zones in the Italian interior (fireplace, work area, headboard, etc.) are distinguished by decorative painting or mosaic. When choosing the latter, the main thing - a clear adherence to the color scheme that determines the style of Italy. In addition, to maintain aesthetic trends should avoid square and too large forms.

Classical decorative painting is made with acrylic paints. The plot of the mural necessarily contains rounded details and patterned curls (the direction of Provence).


Ceiling facing materials in Italian design can be practically any (unless, of course, this is not the Loft style): cream, dirty-white or beige stretch ceilings, usual painting of the ceiling surface, liquid wallpaper, ceiling tiles, etc.


And, of course, completes the design of the apartment in the Italian style (it does not matter Provence or Country) flooring. In the classic version of the Italian design, the floor is made the same in all rooms and zones. Traditional flooring for Italy is a concrete tile with a rough texture or parquet. The color of the finishing material is also selected in accordance with the general style of the room (Provence, Country, Loft, etc.).

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