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Black ceiling in the interior (20 photos): design and spectacular combinations

Charming design, giving a homely atmosphere notes of peace and comfort - the dream of many people. Cosmetic or overhauls haunt us throughout life. Often, a difficult question arises before a person - to independently invent and develop a style in his apartment or country house.

Banal and time-beaten options, for example, sticking wallpaper boring colors in the corridor, gradually lose their relevance and relevance. They are replaced by bold and memorable design solutions. One of the most popular options today is an elegant black ceiling in an apartment or other living space.

Black color: advice of psychologists

Dark shades are characterized by high saturation and all-consuming depth. The black color in the room is a kind of symbol of vitality, it creates an atmosphere of security and comfort.

The choice of which black ceiling to choose, must be approached very carefully due to personal intolerance or a number of stereotypes adopted in society. Such a shade in the room throws a kind of challenge to a person, sets him up for drastic changes. That is why the decision on the feasibility of black tones in the interior of the living room, hallway, bathroom and other living rooms is purely individual.

We paint the ceiling in black: features and advantages of design

Black ceiling in the interior is chosen by courageous and independent individuals who possess a persistent character and solid fortitude. But before you start repairing, remember that dark ceilings have the ability to visually zoom in on objects. Therefore, it is recommended to mount surfaces of such shades only in a room with a high level of ceilings.

Useful facts about night color ceilings:

  1. Black is a perfect match for floral prints and vibrant, vibrant shades of yellow, orange, etc. Such a combination of colors will give a projection of a real starry sky or a whole galaxy in the hallway or hall.
  2. The combination of opposites - white and black - forms a luxurious apartment design. And the invited guests will once again be convinced of the correctness of the aesthetic taste of the host.
  3. Black color does not absorb natural light, but gives it an aura of mystery.
  4. Matte black ceiling several times strengthen the panoramic effect.
  5. Dark shades require a categorical rejection of traditional curtains. You can replace them with roll options in the living room or hallway.
  6. Black glossy stretch ceiling has the effect of reflecting objects (mirror property).
  7. If you decide to slightly soften the color in the room, lamps (chandeliers, floor lamps and wall lamps) will come to the rescue.

Black suspended ceiling meets the requirements of a variety of modern styles:

  • Urbanism - the colors in the room are predominantly gray, the stylistic addition is welcomed with the elements of the big city (scraps of newspapers, photos, household items);
  • high-tech - high functionality in any room (in the living room, toilet, hallway);
  • minimalism - the expected effect can be improved with a muted backlight;
  • ethnic options - filling the interior with the usual elements of ethnic groups (red trim, patterned decoration);
  • Art Deco - design in vibrant, vibrant color.

A dark background is a profitable option and a wide space for the manifestation of fantasy when decorating in any room: in the toilet, hallway, hall, etc.

Black color in the interior of the premises

The most common solution is a black ceiling in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom or in the hallway. Home style with the use of dark tones emphasize severity, and will not distract the eyes of the excess of a variety of colors.

Different solutions for living rooms:

  1. Bathroom design. A bold combination of red and black color will fill the design with bright notes, will tune in a decisive way.
  2. A possible option for the hallway - we welcome guests with a joyful mood. The white bottom of the bunk ceiling, mirrors on the walls and the absence of carpeting on the floor.
  3. Attractive living room. Red finish some details with a rich color of the ceiling.
  4. Design for other rooms. In the corridor, the toilet, you can use black with splashes of white or red (the choice of the owner). Minimalism in such premises is welcome.

Remember that a bright and appropriate pattern can be decorated and give fresh notes to the interior of any apartment.

Multi-level ceiling surfaces

Highlight and emphasize the beauty and mystery of the black ceiling will be able to multi-level design. A two-level black glossy ceiling will fill the interior with new colors and allow you to create a personal design. A good solution for bold personalities - a contrasting black ceiling (design of one of the levels in a bright tone). This option attracts the eyes and leaves a mark in the memory.

Two-level ceilings will be the main focus of the design with a skillful combination of different colors and prints in the room. Peculiar and expensive will look the surface of the ceiling when applied to her ornate patterns using digital printing.

Black color is appropriate for finishing any room: changing the usual design in the hallway, bathroom, toilet, living room. The main advantages of suspended ceilings of this color include their affordable price and ease of operation.

So, the black ceiling in the interior, in addition to the attractive appearance, is of great practical importance. Suspended ceiling surfaces are notable for their reliability and durability without defects. In addition, the care of such structures is quite simple - the necessary wet cleaning in the room does not take much time and effort.