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Kitchen in modern style (19 photos): beautiful ideas of interiors and decor

Modern style is the most popular style after the classics, which are used in the design of kitchen spaces. After all, it provides the basic qualities that modern kitchens should possess, namely, individuality, functionality and convenience. At the same time, it allows to realize various design ideas. This style is chosen today by both young people who follow modern fashion and more adults, for whom the classics seemed to be the benchmark. Beautiful and comfortable kitchens not only create an overall image, but also give inspiration that contributes to the realization of your abilities. The kitchen interior in modern style fully meets this requirement.

What is the difference kitchen in modern style

The main qualities of the kitchens, made in the specified style, is the maximum rationality in the organization of space, reasonableness of every detail, minimalism and functionality. It is with this in mind that furniture, household appliances are selected, as well as the colors in which this room will be made.

If the classic style is more suitable for spacious rooms, then modern looks equally good, even if the kitchen is small. Only the number and shape of the headset elements are selected. For example, direct and corner kitchens in the modern style are more appropriate if the room is small. If it is large, then the island or peninsula is more often practiced. In this case, kitchen furniture, which is a working area, is located in the middle of the room. The hood is located above the place where the island is located to remove odors. If the island does not like the style, then you can use the U-shaped arrangement of the headset. But this option is only suitable for very spacious kitchens.

Modern style is in a sense synthesized. It is a transition between the style of classic and high-tech, and absorbed all the best from them. The following features distinguish it:

  • Clear lines are used, which allows you to slightly expand the space. Therefore, even if the kitchen is small, it can be made more visually;
  • Horizontal surfaces, such as the facade, are usually glossy. This allows you to create an effect of even greater space;
  • In the manufacture of surfaces are widely popular metal and glass. The glass here is used as strong as possible to prevent damage to it;
  • Furniture, such as tables and chairs, is decorated with steel-colored legs;
  • The facade and structural elements of the kitchen, made in a modernist style, is made of modern materials - chipboard, MDF, fiberboard. The coating is carried out with the help of acrylic, film, plastic, varnish, enamel. Those. those materials at which facades receive glossy invoices;
  • It uses modern household appliances that facilitate the work in the kitchen. The hood is used mainly built-in type;
  • The décor in modern kitchens is used to minimize interior overloading with details. But even in this case, the decor here is unobtrusive, so the view will not cling to individual details;
  • Modern style "loves" steel. Therefore, the manufacture of individual elements, such as fittings or hood, in this style will be relevant.

This is not all the features of modern kitchen. After all, a variety of materials, ceramic tile, laminate, linoleum and even solid wood can be used to finish the overall interior. As for the ceiling, then you can use its various options, starting with the whitewashed, ending with the curtain. The main thing is that it is in harmony with the general decoration of the room.

What curtains fit into the interior of modern kitchen

If the classical style has more to use natural materials, then modern in this regard is not so strict. Most often, the curtains here are made using synthetic materials that are easily washed and cleaned. And they can be both asymmetrical and straight - roller blinds, plisse, panels, Roman blinds and even ordinary blinds.

Features Art Nouveau style provide the greatest possible penetration of natural light. Therefore, if the layout of the room allows, equip it with additional window openings or expand the existing one. In general, you can implement almost any ideas here.

The color design of such a kitchen

One of the characteristic features of the style is its monochrome. It is not recommended to use several different colors here, but it is acceptable to use several shades of the same color. Often there is a gray scale in blue and ashen tones, as well as light brown shades. You might get the impression that the gray kitchen will make you bored. But this is far from true, because there are used areas of more bright colors: a sofa or chairs with red upholstery, tables with a tabletop, in the manufacture of which glass with a bright print is used, lamps with multi-colored lampshades, an apron lined with green or red tiles.

Also in bright colors often made the apron, wallpaper and curtains. But this modern style does not limit your ideas to any framework. That is why there is often used furniture, the facade of which is painted in beautiful and rich colors - red or blue. You can also find stylish modern kitchens, in which the apron is decorated with tiles of bright green color.

White kitchen modern

White kitchen, made according to the principles of modern style, looks very impressive. But in a white interior, many may be uncomfortable due to excessive sterility. Therefore, it is diluted with other colors. For example, the facade can be made in two contrasting colors, and the tabletop - in the third. Modern kitchen in white is a kind of golden middle between modernity and classics. For lighting here are used spotlights, located on several levels. Due to this, the light will be soft and distributed around the perimeter of the white kitchen.

Beige modern kitchen

This color for the design of the kitchen is very popular. After all, a neutral beige palette looks discreet, which makes you feel more comfortable. Therefore, if the white kitchen looks dull, then beige, even in a monochrome version, gives comfort and tranquility. Beige color is combined with almost any color, it is enough to choose the right shade. Even the black gamma here looks quite appropriate. Organically look here and other neutral shades. For example, a gray apron and a gray tabletop on the background of a beige headset.

In fact, the beige color is brown, diluted with white. Therefore, it would be appropriate to dilute the interior with details of brown. For example, to put a table, the manufacture of which uses an array of wood. The decor in this kitchen plays an important role. After all, it is enough to change small details, and the temperament of the kitchen will change dramatically. Light here also need to pick carefully. Chandelier should emit a warm spectrum of light. If you take fluorescent lamps, the kitchen will be gray, and the surfaces of the furniture will seem dusty and old.

Black and red colors

Red kitchen in combination with black looks very extravagant and even bold, but passionately and sensually. These colors perfectly complement each other: red gives expression to the interior, and black is able to emphasize the purity of the lines. But only strong and self-confident people can afford to design a kitchen in this style.

This duet is often diluted with other shades, mainly in the white range. There should not be a lot of red here, since over-saturation with this color can be depressing. In this color can be made, for example, chairs and a sofa (upholstery), part of the headset (its facade), a chandelier. Black color is used as a background. For example, in this color can be made tabletop, apron and part of the walls. But if the kitchen is small, then the use of dark shades is undesirable.

This combination of colors is great if the kitchen is large. In this case, you can select different zones. For example, red furniture for storing food and dishes, a black and white island, over which a hood is equipped, as well as a working area in the same color scheme. Red kitchen is perfect for young people who lead an active lifestyle.

Selected points on lighting

Previously, in a modern-style kitchen, only a chandelier was hung, which allowed the light to be made a bit muffled. Today, in the design of such a kitchen, the preferences have changed. There are widely used spotlights, which allows you to literally fill the room with light. Chandelier and lamps should be chosen in such a way that they have strict geometric shapes, since there is no place for pretentiousness and ornateness. Decor on lighting is applied very rarely.

Materials used

In the manufacture of kitchen unit can be used as plastic, and solid wood. In this regard, modern style does not limit designers. The use of natural materials is even preferable. After all, an array of wood, metal surfaces and glass are perfectly combined with each other. But the design of the room with such materials can hit hard. That is why the popularity of modern artificial materials that create high-quality imitation of natural. A small kitchen is most often decorated with a suite that is decorated with glossy facades. This can be achieved using film and plastic.

If space in the kitchen allows, then a sofa can be installed near the table. Its upholstery is made mainly of leatherette or genuine leather. If the free space is used as a dining room, then tables and chairs are relevant. If the kitchen is small, then it is advisable to combine it with the living room.
Kitchen design in modern style is distinguished by its manufacturability and style. A variety of possible color solutions and a wide space for experiments allows you to fully realize your brightest ideas.