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Living room decor (50 photos): original design ideas

The meeting place of guests and friends, the territory of daily gatherings of all family members, energy, fueled by news, plans, victories and dreams - this is a living room in the house or apartment of a wise owner. It is precisely because close families often gather in it, share it in secret, it must be decorated in a special way, not only functionally and practical, modern and stylish, but also convenient. Everyone should feel here care about themselves, baby or adult, teenager or elderly person. Spend enough time on the little things - and the living room décor will make a vivid impression even on the avid conservative.

Living room decoration: not a single style, or a slight transformation

The living room is a practicality and a touch of romance, good quality and elegance. That is why the design of the living room in one of the modern styles is the most common, for which the main thing is rational use of storage space, simplicity and convenience of the territory, zonal division if there are several territories in the room, minimum of decorative elements. But a clear, concise and restrained style of minimalism or functionality can get bored with its coldness and stiffness. In this case, the decor will help, which will bring a touch of lightness, warmth and airiness to the room. And while there is no need to drastically change the style of the interior!

The easiest way to arrange the living room space, created in the national, historical or natural style. Such interiors imply glamor and warmth, a lot of accessories, draperies, fabrics, auxiliary decor elements, bright colors interspersed with pastel shades. Any touch, furniture, decorated with the help of decoupage technique, craquelure, some others, a lot of textiles and trifles along with specially selected finishing materials will help in a few days to change the decoration of the living room. A nontrivial idea is the use of animal skins as floor decoration, wicker rattan or rattan mats, and other floor decorations made from natural materials. And you will make it new in the old style, with the fact that you can make changes to the interior every year.

Attention: it is worth remembering that any modern style using special decorative techniques is no longer a “pure” style, but a bit “diluted”. Therefore, choose for a particular style elegant and bold decor solutions that will make the existing interior more habitable, rich in energy, complete. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Slightly more beautiful living room, or changing finishing materials

Naturally, the design of the living room in order to change some of the details, those who have long been tired, is not a major overhaul. However, the variant in the form of a change in the floor covering, finishing materials of the walls or the ceiling also takes place. For example, you wanted to change and you decided to create a brick wall in the living room in the style of a loft. This is quite possible if space permits!

In this case, the wall may not be perimeter, but an auxiliary, dividing a room into several zones. Such a “formatting” of your own living room will add to it the brightness of color (if you choose a brick of red hue), the ability to re-arrange items of a furniture set or add new ones. Another option for this style is to make the ceiling white, as much as possible by bringing the spacious living room to the style of the old premises of an abandoned factory. At the same time, the height of the ceiling will increase visually and you will be able to use even more non-standard accessories, in which the classics and innovations for a new room life are mixed.

New designer wallpaper with stripes, with a national ornament or floral print, which can be used to decorate one of the walls, will be a great addition to the living room in a national or natural style. Fortunately, modern venerable manufacturers create unique collections, each of which is a special color, texture and texture of the canvas, energy. An interesting idea - to use fabric wallpaper or wallpaper under the skin, suede, wood, mosaic and even stone. In this case, such a wall decoration in the living room will take a minimum of effort, you just need to:

  • free from furniture and decor elements the wall you are going to re-glue;
  • cover with a film (old rags, used sheets) all the objects in order to avoid dust, stroymusor;
  • clear the wall of existing wallpaper and stick a new strip or panel.

Another option for a stylish living room design in any case is a stretched or multi-level ceiling, a ceiling made of mirrors, stained glass or art glass. In short, changing the finishing material of the ceiling in order to make the living room more friendly, warm and luxurious. There are a lot of options, having studied which and by making a choice you will help the living room to become unique!

Attention: personal decoration of the living room with decorative elements, changing the curtains on the windows or introducing a special piece of furniture into the room is a part of your love for your home, understanding of those who live in it, the desire to drastically improve something. You should not invite a professional for this job, a lot can be done by looking at the finished examples. this is the “trick”, attracting peace and good energy to your family. And the opportunity tomorrow to change everything again!

Apertures and decor elements at registration of a drawing room: compliance to the direction

An important point in the design of the living room in any of the styles is the design of the window. Regardless of the main components of an interior, the window should fulfill its main function as much as possible - to let in natural light. At the same time, the rustic or country style will allow you to simply paint the frame and window sill in a matte shade of coffee, lilac, blue, pink, white or yellow and draw a short curtain of natural fabric with a floral ornament, for example.

But the living room window in the style of pop art, baroque or art deco, as well as English classical can not be imagined without tulle and curtains in accordance with the season and color content of the room. In this case, it can be Roman, French, Austrian curtains with a variety of applicable types of lambrequins. They will help emphasize the luxury and glamor of your chosen living room style. The presence of several sets of tulle and curtains for the window will allow you to "play" with color, making the living room everyday and tomorrow - festive. Make a window design in the living room your hobby, changing options in accordance with the mood or the change of seasons!

Attention: if the windows of your living room overlook the sunny side - darken the window by choosing rolling shutters or blinds with easy adjustment of the light flux. At the same time, for modern styles, choose innovative plastic blinds in classic shades, for others - from wood, steel mini-plates in color harmonious or contrasting.

Successful design openings and niches - is the use of fabric drapes or moldings. Such elements are acceptable for any style, they will draw attention to the opening, highlight it against the general background of the wall, make it brightly visible or veiled. At the same time, your choice is a molding of different widths and patterns, only your imagination will keep its color!

Special attention - decorative panels of ceramic tiles and mosaics, shelves, shelves for all sorts of trivialities, photos and paintings, that is, the elements of decoration that will help decorate the walls. The only conditions are respect for proportions. And everyone will feel the harmony in your living room! Do not forget that the shelves, grooves and niches can be decorated with statuettes, small vases with dried flowers or pots of live plants. Souvenirs brought from different countries, small gifts and accessories will make the interior more diverse, brighter, more interesting and richer.

Attention: a particular charm of the living room can give one piece of furniture, made by the designer using the technique of silvering, gilding, patting, aging or decoupage. The ideal solution is to try yourself as a designer, using the same materials to create a coffee table, shelving, shelf or chair that is optimal for the interior of your living room. An exclusive piece of furniture in the living room interior will be the starting point, around which you can “beat” all the rest of the room design.

A special touch in the design, or not afraid to experiment

The stylish mix of your living room is a special charm and color of old-time gadgets and innovative items, interweaving of several cultures, a mix of east and west, cold and hot, old and new, and all this is eclectic style. It may seem to some that he is an interlacing of an incomprehensible, extravagant with a simple, ornate with a restrained and other things. But it is not so! In such a living room - every object, finishing material or trifle in its place, continue the previous one and form a single harmonious beginning. The main thing is the understanding of the stylistic component - and everything will turn out. Try and make sure that the design of the living room to your liking is an exciting experience!