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Alder furniture in the interior (23 photos): interesting combinations and nuances

In the modern interior use furniture made from a variety of materials: chipboard, plastic, metal, glass and other things. But despite this, the classics remains natural wooden furniture. She is beautiful, elegant and elite. In addition to these external characteristics, there are more significant. Firstly, natural furniture is environmentally friendly, it is not harmful to health and does not contain toxins. Secondly, it is practical, more reliable and durable. Many people note positive energy, which has an undoubted beneficial effect, unlike furniture made of artificial materials. There are many breeds from which furniture is made, today we will study furniture from alder and beech wood.

Properties of alder and beech as a material for future furniture

Alder belongs to soft wooden massifs without a pronounced structure. Its wood darkens quickly, so the production uses alder, painted in any color, usually imitating red or black wood. It is distinguished that the alder is resistant to rotting in wet places, but is susceptible to wormholes in dry. It should be noted that the alder is badly drilled, but knowing its characteristics, the professionals still make of it absolutely any furniture. Among the advantages of this material are:

  • lightness, softness and strength;
  • perfect for carpentry, easy to paint and polish;
  • dries quickly and warps a little;
  • the lack of natural strength of alder is easily restored at the enterprises during the processing of wood, it becomes stronger than walnut.

All these properties of alder allow craftsmen to create beautiful furniture from it, which is suitable for any interior and any room: nursery, kitchen, bedroom, etc.

Beech strength is comparable to oak, but it is poorly suited for a wet environment and is not very recommended for the bathroom and kitchen, and for the living room, bedroom or nursery is great. The advantages of the array of beech:

  • possesses distinctive decorative qualities: retains a beautiful texture with any kind of cut of the tree;
  • dries quickly and does not crack;
  • Easily amenable to carpentry, bends, sawed and cut without problems;
  • perfectly amenable to dyeing, and during varnishing it retains its noble natural color;
  • beech boards are used for interior decoration.

In the sun, the beech darkens, but the manufacturers skillfully process it so that the result is the production of a wide variety of colors from light cream to red and yellow.

Alder furniture for your interior

This choice is perfect for connoisseurs of simple but elegant lines and noble combinations. The alder tree is furniture without flashy decorations, beautiful red-brown flowers with a smooth structure. You can also highlight the following characteristic colors: honey, yellow, shades of golden oak, cherry. In combination with olive or light green wallpaper, such furniture will decorate your living room.

In the interior are common combinations of alder with furniture from other trees. Alder and oak, processed in the style of rustic perfectly decorate your kitchen. Here are suitable neutral wallpaper, dim colors. In general, for the kitchen you can buy a whole set of alder, it will serve you for a very long time.

White oak and alder wood will find each other in the design of the bedroom interior. This beautiful combination of warm and cool colors distinguish the alder from the sun and rich. This is suitable wallpaper color of green tea or olive. Beds of alder - the best choice for rest, they require careful attitude.

When making a nursery, you can use a combination of materials from alder and macassar. Such a room becomes colorful because it expresses the contrast of light and dark. It can be emphasized by wallpaper of light colors with a purple stripe. The alder occupies an important place in the interior of the children's room, because it is environmentally friendly and natural.

The furniture from the massif of an alder supports the necessary humidity and refreshes the room. It is in demand due to its similarity with mahogany. Headsets, tables, chairs made of alder - most often it is the classical style, suitable for those who like to follow the rigor in the interior.

Beech wood interior

If you choose comfort and peace of mind, then this is your material. Many say the beneficial effect of beech on a person, so it is widely used in the interior design for children, bedrooms, kitchen and living room. The furniture from the massif of a beech differs in the special durability, well resists to influences from the outside. The natural color of this tree is in the color spectrum from pinkish to brown.

Furniture made of beech wood is an ideal option for a child's room. This tree does not emit harmful fumes, so the child always remains active and cheerful. Such furniture protects children's health, it is reliable and pleasant to the touch. Now, choosing the distinctive properties of beech wood, some even make bathroom furniture out of it. In such cases, the surface of the wood is treated with a special solution, which allows it to preserve its durability.

Most often it is customary to decorate wooden and brick country houses with beech furniture. This tree leaves naturalness and adds nobility. In addition, an array of beech has antiseptic properties. Care for such furniture should be carefully, without using chemical means, as they spoil the surface of the tree. Beech does not tolerate stiff brushes and rough mechanical impact. It is best to use the usual soap solution.

Choosing furniture, give preference to arrays of valuable breeds. Remember that natural furniture, even despite some of its flaws, will always leave you a winner, because it preserves and beneficially affects your invaluable health. Alder and beech are perfect for this because of their characteristics, which makes them popular in the design of modern interiors.