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Ceiling design in the children's room (50 photos): beautiful design ideas

The ceiling in the nursery should be a reflection of not only the general interior, but also the inner world of the child. For children under 10 years old, the design of the room does not matter much. Everything related to the interior decoration is at the discretion of the parents. For older guys, the room becomes a way of expression. Therefore, psychologists recommend updating the interior of the child’s room every 5-7 years.


Traditionally, the finish of the ceiling is done in bright colors. A rather classic decision is to make a blue or blue ceiling in the boy’s bedroom or pink in the girl’s bedroom. The yellow ceiling of a light shade (closer to beige or to the color of powder) will be relevant for the design of a common nursery.

The modern design of the ceiling in the nursery is a non-trivial ideas and original decor. It will be interesting to look at the blue ceiling imitating the sky: with large clouds during the day and glowing stars at night. The star sky can be made with the help of luminous paints based on phosphor.

The original idea is the use of photo printing. This could be a starry sky, a continuation of wall decor (for example, green jungles) or an illustration to a favorite fairy tale. For photo printing, you can use regular wallpaper or suspended ceilings. Photo printing looks great in rooms with high ceilings.

Multi-level suspended ceilings should combine a light color with a more saturated one: green, pink, blue, violet, yellow or blue. You can make a bright colored ceiling with an original pattern. For two-level suspended ceilings, it is better to choose a white base, complementing it with color details. Psychologists recommend using pure colors for decorating children's rooms:

  • Green color is associated with nature, develops a sense of justice and responsibility. Green helps to find contact with each other.
  • Yellow - tonic and invigorating, stimulates mental activity.
  • Blue calms, gives a sense of security.
  • Blue is a cheerful color of creative impulses that enhances aesthetic perception.
  • Gentle pink personifies modesty and femininity. Pink color affects qualities such as mercy and sentimentality.


Decorate the ceiling in the nursery can be beautiful wallpaper. The range is so large that it is very easy to choose the desired shade and pattern. The types of wallpaper are varied: from flat paper to wallpaper with volumetric soft bas-relief. Frosted ceiling, pasted wallpaper, you can make more interesting by adding mirror elements, colored neon lights or funny stickers. These simple decoration methods will help to diversify the interior. Stickers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. To make the room a starry sky, you can buy wallpaper with a pattern or phosphoric stickers. The child will surely like to see the night sky, lying in his bed. Which option to choose is up to you.

An example of another idea is the use of wallpaper in the central part of the ceiling, and around the perimeter to make a hinged structure equipped with lighting. This design of the ceiling will be similar to the attic window, through which the sky can be seen. This will make the ceilings visually slightly higher and the room more spacious.


The paint is used for the decoration of plain wallpaper, painting wooden or plasterboard structures. The question is: what paint to use? Choosing paint, it is worth remembering about its chemical properties. The ceiling in the nursery should be covered with harmless quick-drying paints that form a smooth matte or glossy surface.

Water-based paints are perfect for finishing the ceiling of a children's bedroom. They are non-toxic, easy to clean for new staining. For material costs - quite economical option.

Acrylic paint is unpretentious to uneven surfaces. Quick-drying option, devoid of unpleasant odor. Very resistant to sunlight, so it can be used in the nursery, located on the sunny side of the house.

Latex and silicone paints are extremely durable. These types of coatings are odorless. The painted ceiling can be left for 5-7 years without worrying about the appearance.

Dropped ceilings

False ceilings are very popular. The design can be maybe two-level or multi-level. For the manufacture of bulk compositions suspended ceiling using drywall. The options can be very different, from playing around the perimeter of the ceiling, to fancy curved shapes like a flower, crescent or cloud. The surface can be coated with gloss or matte paint.

This bedroom ceiling finish boasts good sound insulation, spot lighting and local lighting. The presence of a point of illumination will help avoid vision problems due to low light. And the child will certainly like the idea - to choose the lighting zones yourself.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling in the nursery - a creative solution. You can choose any color of glossy vinyl canvas or draw a picture using photo printing. But the stretch ceiling can not be installed independently, unlike other types of finishes. The design requires professional skills and special equipment.

Stretch ceilings can be combined with drywall. This allows you to create more interesting lighting, beating the details of the decor. But the tension cover is only suitable for an adult child’s room.

Fabric ceilings

Under fabric ceilings, three types of coating are considered:

  • Pasting the ceiling with a cloth (fabric wallpaper).
  • Ceiling decor cloth.
  • Stretch ceiling from a fabric cloth.

Which one is better to choose?

The first type is suitable for a children's bedroom, made in the Baroque, Empire or Rococo style. These styles are suitable for the design of the girls bedroom. Need to use dense fabric wallpaper. Natural fabric - tapestry, brocade, velvet, satin (for a glossy surface) - should be used only on perfectly flat wooden surfaces.

The second type, the decor of the ceiling with a cloth, will suit the style of Provence or Chebbi-chic, relevant for the girl’s bedroom. In the sleeping boy this way of registration will fit into a pirate or maritime theme, resembling a ship's sail. Especially if you add blue light. The fabric is draped on the ceiling in beautiful folds, creating a semblance of a cloud. Translucent fabrics are used - organza, veil, bagger. The fabric can be colored or monophonic. The lighting in the room should be as bright as possible, since the fabric absorbs light. The decor will look very impressive and unusual. But remember about the dust that accumulates on the improvised clouds.

The third type of fabric ceiling, stretch, is described in paragraph above. Drawings and ornaments fit well on the fabric, which is suitable for both the boy and the girl. Used matte polyester fabric, characterized by high strength.

Wooden ceilings

In the children's bedroom, a wooden ceiling creates comfort, dissipating warm yellow light, allowing you to move from a high-rise building to a rustic cottage. Wooden ceilings are characteristic of loft-style rooms, country houses, chalets and modern classics. Wooden ceilings absorb noise well, which is important for a child's room. Stickers for decoration are easily glued onto a flat wooden surface.

Imitation of wooden floors is relevant for rooms with high ceilings. If you use in the decoration of dark wood, then visually the space of the room decreases. The use of light rocks will help optically make ceilings higher.