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Orange furniture in the interior (20 photos): sunny accents

Orange furniture in the interior is a positive and stylish choice. It will ensure a good mood of the household, keep peace in the family, increase cheerfulness and activity. This color is suitable for decoration of any room in the house - it is more often used as a detail, addition. Completely the whole room in the orange tones is not made out. The article will look at how to use orange furniture when you make an apartment.


Consider the features of the use of orange furniture in the interior.

Orange interior gives a good mood, increases optimism, pushes to active actions, has a beneficial effect on the psyche and eliminates depression and blues. Therefore, this color is ideal for people prone to pessimism, apathy.

The effect of the orange color has a well-proven scientific explanation: it has been proven through laboratory studies that orange shades increase heartbeat, activate blood circulation, and stimulate metabolism. Consider this nuance when choosing furniture and wall coverings for your home.

Orange design is able to make the interior cozy, comfortable and truly homely. In such a house you want to return, it will reign peace and harmony.

This color whets the appetite. That is why so often orange furniture and decor are used in the interior of cafes and restaurants. And at home it is a great solution for kitchen decoration. If there are children at home who do not eat well, then the orange kitchen will give them a good appetite.

The color is interesting because it does not have a cold expression, like all other tones. It is always a warm shade. That is why it causes such a feeling of comfort and security. With its help, the children's room becomes harmonious, and the kitchen and bathroom areas are stylish.

The effect on the psyche of this shade is akin to what red has. However, without aggressiveness and anxiety. Orange color of furniture or walls is not annoying - this is its undoubted advantage. Orange nursery looks organically, as well as the bathroom or kitchen.

Most often, orange in the interior of the kitchen, bathroom, living room and any other room is used for accents, and not as the main color. If you use furniture of bulky size or in large quantities, then take care that the color shade is not too flashy, active and bright. A subdued, soft design is desirable in this case.

Combination with other colors

Consider how best to combine orange with other shades.

With blue

One of the best combinations possible. They get along well and complement each other. In addition, this combination looks unusual, stylish and relevant. Suitable for decoration and bathroom, and kitchen, and living room.

With beige

An interesting and original combination in the interior. Makes the decor of the room comfortable and cozy, adjusts to a calm way. You can use the orange color as a bright shade, and muted - depending on the impression that you want to get from the room. Suitable for decoration of the living room and bathroom.

With white

This is a very fresh combination, reminiscent of summer, oranges, south. Such a design is suitable for decorating walls and furniture for a child’s room, bedroom. It is worth noting that white enhances the brightness of orange, so it is desirable to use not the most flashy shades of orange color.

Orange furniture in different rooms

Designers advise to use color in such rooms as kitchen, nursery and dining room - here it is most appropriate. But for the bedroom and those rooms where there are many windows and hot, orange design is not very suitable. Consider how to use furniture orange color in different areas of the house.


  • This color is a great solution for a child's room. Orange design will give children a cheerful mood and an excellent charge of cheerfulness. Such a child will become a real cozy corner.
  • Looks great in combination with turquoise walls. Such a child will both intensify and reassure - a very harmonious combination, which is necessary for the child.
  • The design of the nursery with orange-colored furniture is especially important if the baby has not yet gone to school. About 3 to 6-7 years is the best time to live in an orange interior. After 6 years, the child should do more, and not play, so the colors of furniture and walls will have to be changed to more strict and soothing ones.
  • Do not use too flashy bright color. A quiet, muffled design is more appropriate - in this way, the children's nervous system will be fine, and your eyesight will not overwork.
  • Children in the orange color is also good because this shade is capable of pushing to research and scientific activities. Inquisitive mind to your baby will be provided.

Living room

  • The color is perfect for decorating the living room. Makes the interior cozy, comfortable. In the living room with orange furniture will be warm and comfortable for both owners and guests.
  • The combination of orange furniture and chocolate-brown accessories or walls looks exceptionally advantageous in the interior of the living room. If you want to make the room stylish and fashionable, use this combination.


  • The working corner, decorated with furniture in orange color, will cause the owner a craving for new knowledge, travel, research. Most likely, in such an office you will want to learn something new and interesting.
  • It should be noted that if you want to receive clients and serious business partners in your office, you are going to negotiate deals for large sums of money, then the orange color of furniture or walls is not the best solution. Too positive and cheerful, it will not contribute to seriousness and will not cause the feeling of respectability, which is necessary in this case.


  • The orange color of the walls and furniture is more suitable for a spacious bathroom, as it will turn a small room visually into an even smaller one.
  • In the bathroom, it is best to combine orange and white colors - this design causes a feeling of freshness and lightness. A combination of beige and orange wall tiles will make the interior of the bathroom warm and cozy.


  • Do not use a bright shade in this room. Orange color of furniture and walls contributes to nervous excitement, which is undesirable for a bedroom.
  • This color of the muffled version in the bedroom is good because it causes sensual attraction, so this bedroom design will maintain a healthy family microclimate.
  • It is best not to clutter the bedroom with orange furniture, and use only some of the details decorated in this color. For example, a table, a pouf, a bench, accessories and a bedside rug. Children must be framed by the same criteria.


Orange set for the kitchen - this is probably a classic of the genre. Such an interior causes involuntary salivation, reminds of various appetizing things, therefore it is not very suitable for owners of excess weight. But if you have a slim figure, then a similar orange kitchen design would be very appropriate.

Interior styles

Retro style of the 60s. Generation dudes and hippies. Stylish looks when you make a modern kitchen or living room.

Country music. In this case, very soft color of pumpkin, straw is used. Children with these shades look very nice.

Minimalism. In this case, you can use a very bright shade, but only as an addition to the main calm interior. Beige or gray living room perfectly diluted orange chair or sofa. And in the room of a neutral kitchen color, a terracotta set will look good.

Ethnic. Folk eclectic and orange - made for each other. African, Mexican, oriental decorative styles are well and organically coexist with orange. In this case, very warm colors are used, thick and rich. Also often in this case is used terracotta shade - a mixture of orange and brown. This design looks organic in the bathroom, and is suitable for the kitchen.

Art Deco, avant-garde and pop art styles they also welcome furniture in orange color, but historical styles: baroque, classicism, rococo, empire - do not “love” it and practically do not use it.


The furniture of this cheerful and cheerful shade will be well complemented by cold rooms facing the north side of the house, where there is little light and sun. Furniture in orange color will bring warmth and comfort to dark rooms, make them lighter and more comfortable.

Orange furniture looks best in fairly spacious rooms. A small bathroom or kitchen can make this color even less.

Vegetable and fruit ornaments are well combined with orange. Especially well this combination is suitable for kitchen and bathroom decoration.