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How to paint foam products: ways and tips

Nowadays, when finishing the premises, such convenient, light and inexpensive material as foam plastic is often used. Cornices, various elements, baguettes, picture frames, baseboards, ceiling tile segments, various decorative details, such as large interior letters, are made of it. Since the natural color of the foam is white, it is often necessary to color it. The article tells how to paint the foam itself at home.

Why paint foam

Since the natural color of the foam is white, in its usual form it can fit into very limited interiors. Probably only in those that are decorated in an urban modern style. However, since foam is a material that has significant advantages due to its convenience, lightness and practicality, you should not deprive it of other interior design. In most cases, it is necessary that the material is painted - so it can best fit into the design of the room.

In addition, the foam itself is not a very strong material. To make it more resistant to external conditions, including high humidity, it is best to paint it. A layer of paint serves as a protection for fragile tiles, cornice or baguette, will save them from external adverse effects.

Often, unprotected, “bare” foam may turn yellow, it is also afraid of wet rooms, so painting the ceiling tile from foam, like other interior parts made of this material, is the best solution in most cases. Thus the material will last much longer.

For foam plinths, however, as in cases where they are made of wood, painting is sometimes the only way to get a solid look. Often, after mounting the baseboards, ugly joints are formed. They can be removed only with putty and subsequent painting around the perimeter.

Quality requirements

Polyfoam - a wonderful material that is widely used for the construction and decoration of buildings. Also elements: letters from foam plastic, tile details, cornices are used in interior decoration. It is an inexpensive and practical material, easy and convenient to process. Often, foam plates are made of ceiling tiles, which, after installation, are capable of pleasing the eye and serve flawlessly for a long time.

The decoration of the foam gives the room a neat and aesthetic look in a short time. Moreover, such a finish is inexpensive, and the work can be done independently: to paint the ceiling plinth of foam plastic, you do not need to invite a hired specialist-finisher.

What characteristics should meet the foam, so that you can safely paint it.

Foam plinths, tile elements, letters, cornice or baguette must be made of a material with a high degree of moisture resistance. Otherwise, the foam will not be able to withstand coloring.

Best of all, a dense foam is suitable for painting, which is not so easy to break. Loose, porous material is not suitable for this purpose.

The foam must be resistant to chemicals, and not be too afraid of mechanical damage. Sometimes, to paint a plinth or a ceiling, it is required to use a paint containing aggressive components. It is necessary that the material survived.

Paint selection

On what painting structure to stop - we will consider this important question.

An excellent solution for the processing of foam parts will be the choice of water-based or acrylic paint. They are odorless, durable, perfectly "behave" in operation, have a large and beautiful palette of shades. Let us consider in more detail their advantages and disadvantages.

Water emulsion paint

It is odorless, which means it can be used indoors even in winter with the windows closed. The painting water-based composition has excellent vapor permeability, which means that the foam plinth or curb will not interfere with the normal moisture exchange in the room. The paint is elementary easy to use and has an inexpensive cost.

As for the shortcomings, in order to process the foam with this paint, the latter must be very waterproof and dense. Otherwise, it will not withstand the effects of a water-based composition, but if you are wondering how to paint the ceiling plinth, water-based paint is fine.


This option is convenient because acrylic paint can be used under any external conditions - even in a dusty, damp or cold room. Acrylic paint is not afraid of such conditions, retaining all its technical and decorative characteristics. She can cover and segments of the ceiling tiles, and elegant decorative baguette.

It is simple to use paint, it has no smell, it has a huge range of shades. It is also possible with the help of color schemes to create your own colors, achieving the desired result.

The disadvantages of acrylic coloring composition can be attributed to a rather expensive price, not too high durability and durability.


If you want to paint decorative small foam knick-knacks, then ordinary art gouache and the same brushes from a clerical store are best for this purpose.

In order to paint the plinth or cornices, it is better to use water-based paint. But for outdoor work with foam better fit acrylic compositions.

How to paint

Some useful guidelines for applying paint to foam elements.

The first step is to clean the surface from dust, dirt and other debris. This should be done only with a dry cloth, you should not use wet cleaning.

Stir the paint thoroughly, bringing it to a uniform state - in this case there will be no color transitions and stains on the finished product.

If necessary, you can use a special solvent suitable for this type of paint. However, be careful - not every foam can withstand the aggressive effects of solvents. The foam can not be colored by those compositions that contain organic solvents: acetone, acetate, toluene.

In the process of painting it is necessary to drive with a brush in one direction - in this way there will be no stains on the foam. Apply the paint on the foam from top to bottom - this will avoid the appearance of ugly smudges.

If the details are voluminous and large in area, for example, letters from foam plastic, it is better to paint them with a spray gun. This device is convenient to use in the case when the foam part of the tile, letters or baguette has a lot of decor, curls, and some other complicated elements that are not convenient to paint with an ordinary brush.

If you want to achieve a bright and deep color, then after drying the first layer, you can paint one or more times.