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The floor in the living room: interesting design options (41 photos)

The design of the living room - the main room in the house - is a responsible event. Family holidays and friendly gatherings will always be a joy in a cozy and warm room, so do not neglect its appearance.

Particular attention should be paid to what will be the walls, ceiling and floor in the living room. The flooring in a room with a large cross should be durable, durable and not slippery. In addition, the material must be non-toxic and comply with safety standards. The product itself and the compositions with which it is processed should not have a strong odor.

The choice of high quality materials for floor decoration is huge. To choose the perfect flooring for any interior is not difficult.

Consider some of the most popular designs.


The most presentable and expensive flooring is parquet. It has a lot of advantages, the main of which is the naturalness of the material. In addition, the flooring has excellent sound insulation properties.

The living room, in which the floor is covered with parquet, can be decorated in a classic style or in one of the modern trends. It is possible to create a unique pattern of elements of different colors and sizes. At the same time, the wishes and ideas of the apartment owners themselves regarding floor design can be implemented in the finished project.

With careful care parquet will last long enough. If during operation there are defects (scratches, scuffs), the coating can be "reanimated": polished and lacquered.


The classic option is to finish the floor with the help of floorboard. This coating looks expensive and elegant, despite the relatively low cost of the material.

The floorboard, as a rule, consists of three layers. The first (outer) layer is made from valuable tree species, the other two - from coniferous, for example, from pine.

Temperature jumps and high humidity such floor covering is not terrible. However, it requires proper care. Clean the floorboard with a damp cloth (or sponge) without using abrasive cleaners. It is not necessary to fill this floor with water to avoid delamination and deformation of the wooden coating.

Choosing a laminate

Another popular material is laminate flooring, universal in many ways. Firstly, it is practical: it is easy to care for laminate, pollution is removed without effort. Secondly, this material is environmentally safe, so they can cover the floors in almost any room, including bedrooms and children's rooms. Also the laminate is easy to install.

For various rooms, a special kind of laminate is used that can withstand certain loads. So, in the living room experts advise laying the cover of load class 2-3. This is the middle class, withstand sufficient load. However, it is better to choose furniture for the living room with wheels, especially if the headset items are massive and heavy.

The combination of options for different colors - light and dark - is very harmonious. In this case, you can translate your ideas and make the design of the room unique.


On the floor in the living room can be laid and carpet. It is more difficult to care for such a coating than for counterparts from other materials, but modern household appliances cope with this problem. The washing vacuum cleaner is an excellent assistant in the care of carpet, so you can not worry about dirt that is difficult to remove from the carpet. Nevertheless, people who are prone to allergies, it is better to "equip" the floor in the living room hypoallergenic counterparts.


This is the budget solution, but you should choose the so-called commercial linoleum. This material has a high strength, therefore, can withstand sufficient load. Mechanical damage, dents and abrasions on it are formed in rare cases.

On the market there is a large selection of samples of various colors. Popular linoleum with a pattern for parquet, laminate or stone. Such material will become a budget alternative to more expensive, natural coatings.


In addition to the above options, there are more "exotic". This, for example, tiled, porcelain or even marble tiles. The living room of a large area in the cottage can be laid out with granite. The option is expensive, but its advantages speak for themselves.

First of all, it is an expensive appearance. Registration of the floor in the hall is such an original material and very effective. Due to the variety of colors and textures, it will be easy to choose tiles that match the overall style of the room.

Under such coverage, you can put a warm floor - this is another plus. The tile does not require special care, dust and stains can be removed without problems, a normal wet cleaning is enough.

Porcelain tile or tile - durable material, with proper operation will last for a long time.

Today's popular trend - cork floors; produce such a coating from natural raw materials - tree bark. Cork floor is very warm, so it is optimal for laying in the living room.

Multi Mix Coating

Color options allow you to create exclusive "compositions." You can also combine different types of materials. For example, the combination of tile and floorboard or laminate looks spectacular.

Proper zoning is very important. If the kitchen space is combined with the living room (or smoothly into it), it is possible to lay out part of the room (directly the kitchen) with tiles, and the dining room-living room - with laminate or parquet board. Such zoning is functional and rational. Tile lay space with high humidity and temperature - at the sink and plate.

Choose the right color

A variety of colors allows you to choose the optimal shade, ideally combined with the tone of furniture, wallpaper or accessories.

In assortment such popular colors:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • brown;
  • beige;
  • Gray.

With proper combination of samples of different shades, for example, white and gray, or contrast - black and white - you can create a unique pattern. The combination of brown and beige is in harmony with the furniture of milky color and the walls decorated in dark colors.

However, when choosing the color of the material should take into account the area of ​​the room. In a small room it is better to lay a bright one, since at the same time the room will visually appear larger.

If square meters allow, choose a dark (brown or even black) floor. At the same time, it is important to make the correct zoning: a part of the space can be distinguished by a material of a contrasting color, and in separate corners you can make LED backlighting or mount halogen spotlights in the floor or ceiling.

Create a cozy interior and a warm atmosphere in the living room in every sense. Reliable and spectacular flooring is the first step to this.