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Radial wardrobes - a new geometry of the house (20 photos)


The value of the traditional wardrobe compartment in matters of modern apartment is difficult to overestimate. However, new forms and lines appear in the furniture, various surface treatment technologies are used. And familiar objects acquire an original look, change the geometry of the room. Radial wardrobes and partitions created a whole direction in interior design - radius online.



Advantages of sliding wardrobes of radial type

  • Compactness - rationally uses the space of the room and saves space - does not require space for opening doors. The various number of sliding structures (one-, two-, three-door) facilitates access to things lying on the shelves.



  • Versatility - you can choose furniture that matches children's rooms, cabinets, corridors, living rooms or bedrooms.

The location of the shelves and offices are arranged according to the desires and preferences of the owners. In separate sections inside the design, you can put household appliances, place sports equipment or even equip a compact workplace. Drawers desirable to order a mesh structure - this will provide natural ventilation of things.

A visual change in the geometry of the room - a corner cabinet with sides of different lengths can visually make a square room rectangular.



Cabinets designs: types, advantages and disadvantages

In the furniture market, two types of cabinets are offered for installation.

  • Cabinet product - a separate unit of furniture, having rear and side walls, roof, bottom, facades. Pros: the design can be moved around the room, installed in any part of the room, it is convenient to make a high-quality assembly of the structure and carefully adjust the doors. Cons: more materials are needed for manufacturing, the internal volume of the product is eaten by the walls.
  • Built-in version - installed in wall / plasterboard niches and completely occupies the allocated space. Pros: the lack of a complete set of roof / bottom, walls reduces the cost of construction, the ability to install in the opening of any size. The price of the product is significantly reduced by mounting metal bars with baskets fixed on them. Cons: the cabinet is made under the opening of a certain size; it can not be rearranged, but can only be dismantled.



Model range of cabinets

The main feature of radial cabinets coupe - a variety of forms. If the choice of design to use asymmetry, you can visually change the geometry of the room. Depending on the bending line of the door guide, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • concave - the optimum choice for arrangement of space in room corners. These models soften the geometry of the room and do not clutter the area. The most suitable options are to install such a wardrobe in the bedroom or in the nursery. Such furniture gives the room coziness and roundness;
  • convex cabinet practical to install in a small room, since the design does not use a large width. A suitable option is to install a radial wardrobe in the hallway;
  • curved (alternating convex / concave types). For these models, the most suitable place to install is along the wall. Optimally put the combined radius wardrobe in the living room. This furniture perfectly complements the interior rooms of medium / large areas.



Cabinets characteristics: types of fixing doors and decoration options for facades

The door of the structure consists of a frame (aluminum / steel) into which the facade web is inserted. The side vertical side of the frame also serves as a handle for moving the door. The sections move by sliding the rollers along special guides along the structure opening. Mechanisms for doors are made to order, as the guides may have different radii.

Two types of fastening of doors are used.

Upper suspension

The guide is fixed on the ceiling or attached to the wall. Advantages - radial cabinet is installed without thresholds. The disadvantage is that it cannot be installed in rooms with suspended or plasterboard ceilings.

The main requirement for the facade material is the ability to maintain a given curved shape for the entire period of operation. The most common door leaf options are:

  • acrylic glass with photo printing technology. Selected images are printed on a widescreen printer and retain sharp lines. A special effect is obtained with the use of special inks, which are polymerized by the action of ultraviolet. As a result, the picture acquires a light visual volume. Radial wardrobe with photo printing can set the room dynamic or give the room a romantic mood;
  • curved MDF panels (compressed sawdust impregnated with carbide resins). It is possible to decorate plates by means of painting, veneering, lamination. The surface of the canvases is glossy / smooth or imitates the texture of wood, stone, leather. Facades from MDF - the best option for cabinets in the nursery. It is better to decorate the surface with stickers that can be changed as the child grows up.
  • lovers of natural, environmentally friendly materials will appreciate the rattan / bamboo canvas;
  • glass / mirrors with tinting / sandblasting. The technology of the method is based on the impact of the high-pressure air-sand jet on the surface of the web. With the help of artistic sandblasting pattern is applied. When using color / deep sandblasting, three-dimensional ornaments and realistic drawings are created. Facades with a mirror surface is desirable to use for cabinets in the corridor / hallway.



The desire to create a cozy, comfortable space in the apartment is quite natural. When choosing the right setting, the interior style of the room and its purpose are always taken into account. In order wardrobes with radial doors perfectly complement the interior, it is better to use the services of a designer. Since such models of furniture are made to order, it is recommended to contact professional manufacturers of furniture.