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How to choose a humidifier for an apartment or house?

In most cases, the desire to purchase a device for moistening the air space is based on the need to make the air cleaner. If the air in the room turns out to be of poor quality, then this may adversely affect the health of the owners: harmful microorganisms will get into the lungs, which will lead to difficulty breathing. If the air contains a low percentage of moisture, domestic plants, wood furniture and parquet will begin to deteriorate.

A humidifier for a child’s room is recommended to buy if you have small children, since the child’s immunity has a more pronounced sensitivity to any violations of the indoor microclimate. When a person inhales air with low levels of humidity, his mucous membranes dry out, and this leads to the risk of infection of infectious and respiratory pathologies due to the weakening of the protective mechanisms in the human body.

It should be noted that air humidifiers do not require special installation work. They have a compact size and mobility, which allows them to function both at home and in office space. Since the humidifier works almost silently, it can easily be placed in bedrooms and children's rooms.

The optimum level of humidity is:

  • For people - from 40 to 60 percent;
  • For various plants in greenhouses and greenhouses - from 55 to 75 percent;
  • For wooden accessories - from 40 to 60 percent;
  • For paper books stored in museums, library departments - from 40 to 60 percent.

Devices for humidifying the airspace are classified into several basic types. We will try to disassemble each individual type in detail and identify their advantages.

Steam humidifiers

The main manufacturer of such devices is the company Boneco. Their product with the same name as the S 450 version functions on the basis of high-temperature evaporation. Thus, the air is saturated with moisture from sterile steam. The humidifier allows you to increase the level of total humidity (more than 60 percent), and also has the highest performance among similar devices.

The steam system makes it possible to use the device in conditions where a high humidity level is necessary (for example, this is required for greenhouses and winter gardens). Apparatuses with a steam system can provide such rooms with the most appropriate microclimate that corresponds to the climate of tropical regions.

During operation, the steam engine usually does not bring any difficulties - there is no need to use consumables (filtration systems or cartridges). Sometimes a humidifier from the series under consideration can be used as an inhalation device or an aromatherapy device.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

These devices are considered the most popular among buyers of such equipment. An excellent combination of price, quality, design and functionality, as well as a wide range of applications, cause high consumer demand.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are economical in terms of energy consumption, and during operation produce very little noise.

For the operation of this type of humidifier, a special tank with water is needed, from where it flows onto a high-frequency membrane and, under the action of vibration, splits into very small splashes. These drops rise by the fountain over the membrane itself, thereby forming a cloud through which air is driven through the fan.

The device is equipped with a built-in hygrostat, which allows for the regulation of the level of released moisture. This is of particular importance when using technology in a room with wooden products, as moisture adversely affects this natural surface.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are often used not only in apartments, but also allow you to create a microclimate in winter gardens and greenhouses. Such a system is used to maintain the most optimal degree of humidity. More appliances are in demand in rooms filled with old pieces of furniture that may require high humidity.

It is recommended to install such humidifiers in the rooms with the highest attendance: kitchen, living room, corridor.

How to choose an ultrasonic humidifier? It should be noted that the humidifier chosen by you has to correspond to the room in which it will be installed. A selection of Boneco series instruments (about five copies with different applications) are presented for selection.

However, special preference is given to the U 7246 model. This system can be used in almost any environment. The most important thing is that there is an electrical network nearby. The small dimensions of the electronic device significantly expand the scope of application of such devices for air humidification. To make it easier to use the humidifier, on some models a special display was installed showing the degree of humidity at a given time.

Some versions of the devices are equipped with a knob with a swivel mechanism (control on a mechanical basis). True, there are still systems that are controlled using touch buttons.

A special replaceable cartridge, which is used to carry out the decarbonization of a liquid, does not allow salts in water to evaporate into the air. Such a cartridge can last for three months (this item is based on water hardness, as well as the level of contamination).

Auto-shutdown of the device in the absence of liquid in it, a small degree of noise, an extensive selection of humidity parameters, as well as a rotary atomizer that is able to change the direction of steam, are typical of almost every ultrasonic moisturizing device of the Boneco series.

Traditional humidifier

These devices for air humidification are an excellent option for installation in residential and office premises. They are usually advised to use in bedrooms and rooms for children. It is worth paying attention to the fact that these humidifiers do not differ in the same universality as with ultrasonic devices: the volume of humidity produced by them has a specific limit (not higher than 60 percent). For this reason, it is not recommended to install traditional humidifiers in winter gardens and greenhouses.

For traditional equipment is characterized by a fairly economical power consumption, ease of use, as well as a small degree of noise. Humidifiers with a classic design function according to the principle of low-temperature evaporation. The built-in fan receives air with increased dryness from the room, and then drives it through the evaporator. If it is necessary to increase the overall performance of the home system, it is recommended to place it near a warm source or in the place where abundant air circulation takes place.

The evaporation rate in this case becomes higher, the air is saturated with liquid vapors, and is subjected to purification from suspended microparticles and dust. Traditional humidifiers have a design designed so that a person, if desired, will always be able to determine the amount of fluid contained in the tank.

Humidifiers manufactured by Boneco, are characterized by the possibility of changing the operating mode: simple (low degree of noise), as well as night (work in silent mode). Thanks to such a system, it is possible to carry out a very flexible adjustment of the device for air humidification.