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Sacking in the interior: original ideas to create home comfort (21 photos)

Sacking is a rough material that is associated with village life. How did such an unattractive fabric captivate designers who use it not only in rural interiors? Read the article, get ideas for creativity. Perhaps you look at burlap with different eyes, and it will help transform your home.

Advantages and disadvantages of burlap


Due to its high strength, burlap products have high wear resistance. It also allows the use of fabric as upholstery for furniture.


Low cost, especially if you purchase this product in large quantities.


This is an environmentally friendly fabric. It is made of tow and flax. Most often it is not stained, the usual beige-brownish shade is the natural color. On sale there are also color copies.


The pronounced coarse texture of the material is wonderfully combined with other fabrics (from delicate lace to fine silk). Also harmonizes well with wood, ceramics, metal and glass. In the cold strict interior adds warmth and comfort, suitable for use in a variety of design styles (African, boho, Scandinavian, Provence, eclectic, loft, eco, country, chebbi-chic, etc.).

Good color combinations

Burlap cloth can be purchased in several shades (from light brown to the color of black coffee). Such a natural color palette is harmoniously combined with shades of neutral gamut (black, gray, white, beige), and with pastels (purple, blue, mint), as well as rich (orange, crimson, green, blue).

Calms, helps restore vitality

Daily tactile contact with burlap favorably affects the nervous system. Use this fabric in the decoration and soon notice how its appearance improves your mood.

In addition to these advantages, there are several disadvantages:

  • Before using it, it is necessary to wash it, because the material is very tight and there is an unpleasant opportunity to get the wrong result.
  • The canvas crumbles at the cut, so take a cloth with a margin and do not forget to handle the edges.
  • If used in rooms with high humidity, burlap will begin to rot.

As you already understood, there are few cons. It is highly likely that if used correctly, the minuses will not manifest themselves.

Application in the interior and decor

To imitate the interior of a rural dwelling, you can use burlap in large quantities. In other cases, the fabric is used to create bright accents.

Let us consider in more detail what can be made of burlap in the interior with your own hands.


If you are in search of ideas for decorating windows, pay attention to this interesting material. Curtains of burlap look simple and elegant at the same time. Subdued colors will emphasize the refined taste of the owners of the house and add to the atmosphere of noble calmness and grandeur.

Cover curtains should not be too fanciful. A combination of such a simple fabric and a sophisticated design will look ridiculous. A simple rectangular shape fits much better. Curtains of burlap can be decorated with flowers of the same material. It does not hurt to make concise folds with a tow. A modest white tulle can be used as the second layer. Option in the floor is ideal for the living room.

Cropped curtains of burlap fit perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. Much more variation is allowed here. The canvas can be combined with other fabrics or colored burlap pieces. Curtains can be decorated with lace, ribbons, beads or embroidery.

Those wishing to use this material in modern interiors should give preference to long curtains, sewn from strips (horizontal or vertical). Burlap can alternate in color. Also the combination of rags of a sacking and organza or silk will be remarkably looked. Concisely decorate the window opening using rolling curtains.

Curtains of burlap do not just look stylish and original, they create an atmosphere of comfort, making any room more warm and homely.

Upholstery for furniture

Although it is a rather rough to the touch material, it is still often used as upholstery for furniture. It is possible to cover with sacking sofas, chairs, backs of beds, padded stools and everything, on what the imagination suffices. Most often the upholstery is decorated with prints. These can be prints, inscriptions, images of people, birds, animals, plants, chaotic patterns and much more. It depends on the style of the interior and the wishes of the customer. Edging is done with the help of twine or jute rope, golden rope can be used.

Upholstery is made not only during the restoration of an outdated model of furniture, modern items also often over-wear with sacking. Such furniture will decorate any place in the house: it will become a highlight of the living room, will add family comfort to the kitchen and refinement of the bedroom. Due to the durability of the fabric, such an original piece of furniture will delight you with its unique look for years.

Covers and tablecloths

If you are not a supporter of cardinal changes and furniture upholstery seems like an overly bold decision, do not despair. Furniture covers will help you to understand whether your housing needs such changes. If you do not like it, you can easily return to the original version. Designers are advised to use burlap with inscriptions or seals for cases, so the product will look vintage.

Cuts choose depending on the style. For modern interiors fit simple forms without an abundance of decorative elements. But there are no strict canons, you can safely combine fabrics and experiment with shades.

Please note that covers are sewn exclusively for decorative pillows. Although the coarse material lets the air through, it’s prickly, so irritation will appear on the skin.

Insanely attractive tablecloths are obtained from burlap. They will decorate any table. Kitchen home or holiday table in the banquet hall, covered with a cloth, will make an impression. And if you still find a suitable decor (napkins, decorated glasses, etc.), then the guests will remember this celebration for a long time.

Decor items

Dining or decorative napkins. They are decorated with embroidery, lace around the edges or simply tied with bright ribbons.

Do not rush to get rid of the old lamp or sconce. Making a lampshade of burlap, you give it a new life. Coarse canvas diffuses light well. Such a product will harmoniously fit into the home environment.

Decorations for flower pots and jars with spices and cereals are made very simple. A piece of burlap cheat jar, secured with a rope or tape. Any decoration of such items is welcome.

Supplies, cases, small bags - all this helps to arrange cutlery and candlesticks. Recently, this decor can be seen on the wedding or New Year's table.

Soft toys are sewn from burlap and they make Christmas-tree decorations, photo frames, paintings, murals, collages, and even garlands.

You can make simple accessories as well as large items from burlap with your own hands. Decorate your home, create beautiful things, experiment.