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Hammock for gardening - an ideal vacation spot for adults and children (20 photos)

If you purchased a cottage for a good rest, and not endless digging in the beds, then you must have a hammock. It allows you to lie under the open sky and enjoy outdoor recreation.

For the first time, the inhabitants of South America began to hang beds made from the bark of a tree. Indians swayed above the ground, admiring the surroundings. Neighboring tribes appreciated this creative idea, but made a few changes. Hammock has become a fabric, and therefore softer. Later, the sailors hung hammocks on the ship to save space. And then the Europeans loved this piece of furniture.

Every year the popularity of hammocks is only growing, because manufacturers make them more and more convenient.

Hammock types

There are several types of hammocks for holiday cottages. They vary in size and capacity: hammocks are single and designed for several people. Also, models are made of different fabrics. But it is worth discussing the most important feature in more detail: the design of hammocks.


Suspended hammocks to give - this is the most popular type. Because of the simplicity of such hammocks differ democratic price, so anyone can buy them. This option is suitable for those who are not looking for something exquisite, but just want to make a cozy place to relax.

Such products are made of durable synthetic materials. Modern models have a waterproof bottom and a mosquito net. The presence of the last improvement is particularly useful for those who plan to sleep in the fresh air, so mosquitoes can not get you.

Installing hammocks does not require much effort. It will be necessary to select suitable for the thickness of the trees, standing close to each other. With the help of the carabiner and tensioning parts, the suspended structure is securely fastened to the trees. If there are no plants with powerful trunks in your territory, there will be enough strong pillars.

With frame

Hammock for giving with a frame is not less popular than the previous model. A special advantage is that you can put it anywhere. No need to look for suitable trees or install pillars, thanks to the frame construction, such a hammock will easily be located in any place you like. It can be a garden or a wide porch of the house, a gazebo or a tent. Stationary structures weigh about 15 kilograms, the frame is made of high-quality metal tubes. Often transport such a product will be problematic.

But the hammock with a frame can even be taken with you for fishing. This model is not very stable, since it is made from light metal, but it can be easily disassembled and placed in the trunk of a car. Ideal for short trips to nature (on a picnic, in the woods, on the beach). Hammocks with a frame are distinguished by a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.


The chair is an original alternative to the classic look of a hammock. In this model, you can not just idly spend time, but do something useful. For example, read a book or work on a laptop. Perhaps, on a warm summer evening, swaying slightly in a hammock chair, you will be so inspired that you will not only read other people's works, but write your own.

Due to the shape of the “lounger”, this type of hammock is suitable as seating for receiving guests. Just imagine what an incredible atmosphere you can create if you put such chairs around a table on an open veranda. Joint holidays with friends in the fresh air will be unforgettable. Prices for hammock chairs depend on the complexity of the design. Simple options are available to a wide range of buyers, models with canopies, pillows and other accessories will cost more. But you can make comfortable and soft chairs yourself.


The hammock swing for the dacha can not quite be attributed to a separate species. Such a model can be with or without a frame, it can be traditionally oblong or in the form of a chair. A distinctive feature of the swing - one attachment point. It is because of this hammock and able to sway.

Especially this unusual design will be happy children. Such swings are absolutely safe, so kids can play them without adult supervision. For an additional fee, you can make the original appearance, which will even more win the heart of the child.

How to hang a hammock yourself?

If you decide what type of hammock design you want to buy, it's time to think about where to place it. It is necessary to approach the choice of a place seriously, so that later nothing interferes with rest. If there is a shed at the cottage, then the ideal place is found. The canopy will protect from the scorching rays of the sun on a hot day, as well as reliably cover it from unexpected rain. You can also sit in the shade of the trees. Thick crown protects from wind and sun.

Install a hammock with a canopy will not be easy. It is enough to assemble it, following the instructions, and place it on a pre-selected site.

But with the suspended model will have to tinker. We offer you some tips on how to hang a hammock in the country.

You will be able to secure the hammock yourself if you follow these recommendations:

  1. Choosing the trees on which you plan to hang a hammock, make sure that the diameter of the trunks was at least 15 centimeters. By the same principle, make the choice of pillars.
  2. Poles must be immersed to a depth of at least half a meter, covered with earth and concreted support base. Some believe that it is enough just to drive the pillar deeper and trample the earth around. But this method under the influence of moisture will show itself from the best side.
  3. It is desirable that the distance between the supports be greater than the length of the hammock piece per meter and a half. If this is not possible, then lift the mounts higher.
  4. For hanging to the trunk, you must use special rings or a thick rope so as not to harm the bark of the tree.
  5. Fix the structure should be 1.5-1.7 m from the ground.
  6. At the time of purchase, note that the length of the sling can be adjusted. With prolonged use of the hammock will stretch, so you need to be able to tighten the lines.
  7. Perform a strength test. To do this, one person must lie down in a hammock and make several sharp movements. The second one looks at this time so that the trees do not crack under the weight of the weight, and the mounts are not loose.

Hammock do it yourself

If you have three or four hours and want to save money, you can make a hammock to the country with your own hands. Even if you never sewed anything, you can cope with the production of the model described below.

You need to start with the choice of fabric. Since you will use the product in the summer, it is desirable that the material missed the air and does not irritate the skin. Cotton is ideal. Also a good option would be nylon.

In a piece of fabric 150x300 mm in size, you need to bend the edges along the length and stitch them on a sewing machine. If you want a suspended lounger to be softer, then you need two such patterns. They are stacked on each other and stitched along the length, leaving a hole about a meter. Through it, you can put inside a thin soft mat or water-repellent oilcloth. The narrow sides of the fabric are twisted about 5 centimeters and also stitched. Cloth ready.

In the resulting tunnels stretched durable clothesline. It is wrapped several times and knotted. After that, you can attach a hammock to a tree, for this you need to tie a cord with a rope.

If other methods of attachment. Insert the slats with pre-drilled holes at the ends into the received tunnels. The ropes sink into the holes and then tie. If there are plugs at the end of the rails, then nothing will have to be drilled in advance, as the rope will not slide off.

Many prefer to install eyelets on the side of the canvas. For this, holes are made at a distance of approximately 10 cm. Their diameter must correspond to the diameter of the grommets. Then rings are inserted with a hammer with a bearing. They stretch the lines. You can pass each line through the holes in the wooden plank. After that, the cords are connected with a rope or special rings.

Hammock - a necessary attribute for recreation in the country. Therefore, think about buying it or making it yourself, so that you can sway in the garden, enjoying the fresh air, the birds singing and the gentle sun.