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The decor of the foam: easy, beautiful, practical (52 photos)

Man has always sought to decorate his home. Everyone tries to be original, wants his house or apartment not to repeat the interior of the neighbors. In this situation, a good solution is foam decor. Let's see how you can independently design the interior. It is much easier than it seems.

Stucco molding foam

Stucco molding is an affordable and inexpensive type of interior decoration. For centuries it was made of gypsum, but the foam plastic, synthesized by chemists in the middle of the last century, won. He is able to imitate any architectural style.

Today you can buy cornices, columns, moldings (overhead bulging strips), other products for decorating from granular or smooth polystyrene, unpainted or imitating wood, marble, stone.

Foam stucco can not be called particularly durable. But it is ideal for fans of frequent repairs and in rooms with non-standard microclimate: it covers the walls in a damp bathroom, a basement where other material deteriorates quickly.

Polyfoam favorably differs from gypsum: it retains its original appearance for a long time, is not afraid of moisture, does not crumble, does not react to shocks, and is easy to clean.

How to make foam for decoration?

To the material of which the facade decor will be made, the requirements are increased. Sheet-blank is sent to the machine with a program set by the computer for decorative burning and cutting. Then reinforced with a special composition on acrylic base, dried, cleaned, polished. This technology provides resistance to external influences and strength.

Reinforcement is especially important for decorative elements of external surfaces, which must be stronger and more stable than internal ones. The operation is performed using resistant acrylic fiberglass. By means of a fixing composition made of cement and glue, adhesive sputtering is applied on it with a thickness of one and a half to three millimeters, depending on the size of the workpiece. As a result, the facade decoration of coated foam looks like a well-plastered surface or plaster.

Foam facade: a lot of advantages

In addition to affordable prices (from 200 rubles per sheet meter per meter), the foam decoration has a lot of advantages:

  • low weight, practically not affecting the supporting structures of the building;
  • durability, strength;
  • fire safety;
  • variety of sizes and shapes (sheets, imitation of three-dimensional architectural fragments);
  • not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, mold, fungus, decay, that the inhabitants of regions with a humid climate will appreciate;
  • maintains temperature drops from -55 to + 80 ° С.

In addition, the ease allows you to do the installation of foam plastic with your own hands on almost everyone and thus save on the services of specialists.

Installation of foam elements

To mount the elements of decor from the foam on the walls can almost anyone, even without solid experience.

  1. The wall is thoroughly cleaned from paint, layers, dirt, mold (scraping or special solutions). In addition, it should be dry and level.
  2. The deviation from the plane should not exceed one centimeter per square meter. Otherwise, leveling is required.
  3. At installation special glue for polyfoam is applied. For fixing large-sized volume fragments, embedded parts or anchors are additionally used. The combination of glue plus hardware is optimal, because it ensures reliability, a tight fit, gaps are leveled.
  4. The sheet with adhesive applied all over the surface is tightly pressed to the wall and held until it is completely set to it.
  5. If necessary, the fastener is reinforced with dowels. Holes for them (not through) are drilled only after the glue has completely dried, when the material is finally fixed.
  6. The final stage is filling the joints of sheets, holes for dowels with sealant or foam. Survival surpluses are removed with a spatula, and the surface is rubbed. This stage is necessary to enhance the strength of the material and further protect the walls from external influences.

Installation of foam decor is almost complete. It remains to refine it, that is, to paint. First, a layer of special primer is applied, and then two layers of acrylic paint. Each layer should dry completely before applying the next one.

When working with polystyrene do not overdo it in pressing the material or other manipulations, so as not to damage it, especially small parts.

Polyfoam in the interior and on the facade

Buildings with facades decorated with foam are exclusive and romantic. The upper part of the wall of the house with the decoration in the form of an entablature gives mystery, columns with a figure capitol turn the house into a real classical structure, and an arched opening framed with a decorative arch-volt completes the overall bright impression.

For interior decoration stucco foam is used on the ceiling and walls. In the design of the ceiling is appropriate any modern solution. Attractive looks trim around the chandelier, moldings, ledges backlit. Wall decor suggests a classic style.

So, decorating a house or apartment with foam plastic is quite affordable, inexpensive and practical. Working with him, you can discover in yourself the talents of the designer and later be proud of your own achievements.